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  • Viking Characters

    Vikings. Created by Michael Hirst, the television series which describes the way of life of the Vikings, who left to conquer the world, is coming to an end after 6 series charged with emotions of all kinds. Over the seasons , the actors animate the play of emotions with a dexterity that leaves no one indifferent.

    So we decided to take a tour of the main characters who made up most of the story told by the series. We'll introduce you to the most charismatic main characters, but also the most eccentric and unstable ones. Let's discover them without further delay.



    Ragnar Lothbrok


    Featured as a hero from Season 1 through Season 4, Ragnar Lothbrok is a uniquely charismatic leader. He is a Viking farmer who is sure to have a great future and is brimming with passion, ambition and bravery. The character is embodied by Travis Fimmel who captivates his fans with the visionary gaze that his turquoise eyes project and his adversaries with his explorer heart and strong and powerful personality.

    Tired of Jarl's politics and tired of plundering the lands of the East which has no riches and challenges to offer him , Ragnar embarks on a secret expedition to the lands of the West. Floki, his friend, helps him by building him a new type of boat.



    He later succeeded in becoming the Earl then King of Kattegat. While he installs settlers in Wessex, he sets out for Western France. His deep respect for King Ecbert and the sincere friendship that binds him to Athelstan demonstrates that Ragnar Lothbrok was also a tolerant and above all humane person. The Nordic chief is very attached to man and to the gods by which he allows himself to be guided.

    The man had a personality full of nuances, but also flaws, which somewhat worked against him. Very taciturn, he was not very accessible to those around him. He rarely reveals his plans and thoughts, which usually gives him a good head start on others. It is King Aelle of Northumbria who kills him by throwing him into a pit filled with poisonous snakes after having tortured him.




    Lagertha is Ragnar's first wife to whom she gave birth to her first children. Daughter of a farmer and warrior with golden hair, she remains engraved in the hearts of spectators, even after her death, thanks to Katheryn Winnick who, as a martial arts pro, knew how to perfectly embody the character.

    Equaling her husband in the taste for adventure , the famous shield-maiden was a homogeneous mixture of ardor and gentleness, strength and compassion, independence and submission. A real reference for lawyers of the feminist cause.

    Much loved by her people for her wisdom and insight, she intelligently knew how to raise herself to the high dais of power and take revenge on those who betrayed her. Sword in hand, the valiant Viking has always fought alongside men. When the prophecy of her death was declared, she did not rebel against the words of the seer, ready to accept the decision of the gods regarding her.






    Rollo is an exceptional fighter. We see him next to Ragnar, his brother, in the first expeditions to the West and in the adventures of the latter. He is a mighty, fierce and fearsome warrior, a warrior who knows how to handle weapons with perfection with both hands . It is one of the best in Kattegat.

    Unfortunately, his warrior exploits are coupled with truly deleterious allegiances and decisions. We see in him a wild, aggressive and impulsive being. However, Rollo is also an emotional and fragile being who only wants to step out of the shadow of his brother, towards whom he feels a feeling of inferiority.


    Rollo vikings


    For fame, power and money , this brother of Ragnar can give and do anything, including betraying his family. He is clearly possessed by a spirit of jealousy and evolved careerism. Needless to say, many have used his flaws against him to manipulate him to their liking.

    However, Rollo settles down over the years and over the trials. He becomes loyal and faithful and eventually manages to flourish. Indeed, he becomes Duke and son-in-law of the Emperor Charles, even if he reaps the enmity of his people in return. The character is played by Clive Standen.


    Bjorn Cotes-de-Iron


    If in the first hours of the series, Bjorn Côtes-de-fer is still only a child, over the episodes we see this child metamorphose into a valiant man, solid as rock and very courageous. Son of the valiant warrior Lagertha and Ragnar, third husband of Torvi and heir to Kattegat, he received his arm bracelet from the hands of Jarl Haraldson at the age of twelve.

    However, the youth of his age still compelled him to stay home to stay home with his sister under the watchful eye of Athelstan. He later separates from his father and stays with his mother, allowing them to develop a particularly strong relationship. Several years passed and he reconnected with his father, from whom he inherited a taste for exploring and discovering other cultures. He supports him and remains loyal to him, despite his choices.

    Ready to face death for his convictions , for his people for whom he feels boundless love, the young Viking always goes after his undertakings. By this strength and bravery that characterizes him, he managed to get himself elected as King of Norway.


    @Bjorn Côtes-de-fer


    Ivar the Boneless


    Fourth son of Ragnar and Aslaug, he is clearly the most enigmatic character in the series. Unfortunately, he has remained an ambivalent character over the seasons, his armor merely a mask worn to hide his tormented soul and seeking only to be loved.

    Broken by the lack of love and the physical disability he suffered for a long time, this youngest son of Ragnar decided to assert his identity through terror. In fact, Ivar Ragnarsson was given the name "Ivar the Boneless" given the lack of bones in his legs.

    While no one believed in him, this young Viking became a fine strategist and managed to make a name for himself thanks to his Machiavellian spirit, his unpredictability and his originality. Anyone who has followed the Viking series will testify to the cruelty and tyranny that has characterized Ivar over the seasons. The character is played by Alex Andersen.


    ivar le désossé



    Unlike most characters in the series, Hvitserk stands out more for his fragility. Second son of Ragnar and Aslaug and shackled by his fears, his duties and his desires, he lived in a constant struggle to find a place for himself.

    Hvitserk has always struggled to assert himself against his brothers who had clearly defined personalities and ambitions. He surrenders to addictions and self-destruction. Unsurprisingly, the nature of his inner being brings him closer to Ivar to whom he clings without really knowing whether to admire, love or hate him.

    After completing his experience with his enemy brother, the young Viking decided at a certain moment that the time had come for him to learn to live by him and for him. All the spectators were touched by Hvitserk's journey. The character is played by Marco Ilso.





    A famous carpenter recognized by his peers for his genius, his intelligence, his loyalty, his dedication and his faithfulness , Floki has a place of choice in the city of Kattegat. He is Ragnar's best friend. He also built a special fast boat for him, suitable for raids and capable of navigating for a long time on the high seas.

    Floki acts on his convictions and his firm beliefs in the reality of the Norse gods. And if he is pious to pour into fanaticism, Helga's husband is inhabited by a dreamy, loving and gentle spirit. This is also why the public manages to love him easily. He has an endearing personality and exudes a candor that cannot leave anyone indifferent.




    However, Helga's husband is a strange, eccentric, unstable and borderline mystical man who often gets lost between genius and religious and spiritual delirium . His belief in the Norse religion which he ardently defends is among the main reasons why he doesn't get along with Athelstan. After losing his daughter and his wife, he is caught in the net of despair and embarks on a journey of no return during which he discovers an unexpected land, Iceland.



    Beautiful and blessed with haunting beauty, Aslaug is the daughter of two heroes who died before their daughter could know them: Brynhildur and Sigurd. During her visit to Götaland, she meets Ragnar, whom she had no trouble bewitching, even if for that, she had to become the laughingstock of the public. Lover and then wife of Lagertha's husband , whom she however does not manage to match either in honor or in prowess, she finds herself unable to win Ragnar's love and feels a failure in her marriage which fills her with disappointment and of resentment.

    However, Aslaug, mother of Ubbe, Ivar, Hvitserk and Sigurd, still plays an important role in the series. In the absence of Ragnar, whose love for Christianity she does not share, she takes the reins of Kattegat, which is a great commercial success, which gives a boost to her ambitions. Through her marriage, her children, her decisions and her prophecies, she caused important changes and twists in the history of the series. The character is played by Alyssa Sutherland.





    Harald is the Viking in the strongest sense of the word. Driven by boundless ambition, a belligerent spirit and a conquering virility, the Nordic warrior shares his conquering virility with unexpected altruism and romanticism. More sentimental than one would have imagined, he hopes to one day find a soul mate and cherishes the dream of becoming the first ruler of Norway in order to be worthy enough to marry Ellisif.

    This dream, which involves a confrontation with Ragnar, eventually comes to fruition, but not without horrors, betrayals and sacrifices. If he does not attack Ragnar directly, he asks to participate in the Paris raid and brings his men. He takes the opportunity to conquer the kingdom of Rogaland to kill King Arnarson and Eyolf, his Jarl as well as Jarl Svein.

    Harald therefore never stopped looking for love, even though his heart was broken a thousand times. Unfortunately, he was never able to find that love. He dies without seeing his dream come true. The character is played by Peter Franzén.





    Faced with the Scandinavians as with the English, Athelstan, Judith's lover, has always been a benevolent, discreet, modest, calm and gentle man. Pulled from side to side between the teachings he received at the monastery and his pagan beliefs, the British monk is the voice of wisdom in the series. He was certainly lost, but his faith and his humanity never dropped a notch.




    He is a pious, tolerant, indulgent man who has remained a source of questions and doubts. He learned the art of war and even took part in raids.

    Thanks to the nature of his personality, the beliefs, deeds and words of this pious man caused Ragnar, Ecbert, Floki, Judith, etc., to question themselves. All were deeply touched by this atypical man. Even the spectators keep the traces of the memories of his words and his philosophy of life somewhere in their soul. The role of this character is played by George Blagden.