Magnus in Vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and appearance

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Magnus in Vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and appearance

Introducing Magnus in the Vikings series

In the Vikings series , Magnus is presented as the bastard son of Queen Kwenthrith. He made his first appearance as a child in the episode entitled "Paris" in season 3. The role was then played by Cameron Hogan. And his last appearance is in "Ragnarök", where the character is played by Dean Ridge. He is present in season 3, 4 and 5 of the series.

Magnus, bastard

After Kwenthrith is installed as Queen of Mercia, King Ecbert sends nobles to watch over her. He wants Mercia to be a vassal kingdom of Wessex. But the queen kills the nobles. She rejects the King's arrangement and asserts that Mercia is an independent kingdom. Ecbert then sends an emissary delegated by his son Aethelwulf. Kwenthrith tries to seduce the latter, but fails. It is there that she introduces him to Prince Magnus, her son.

Magnus in the Vikings series


She claims he is Ragnar Lothbrok's son. She says Ragnar and the Vikings will protect Mercia if Wessex tries to attack them. Although the Queen claims that Magnus is Ragnar's son, there is no proof.

Kwenthrith in vikings


Then, Magnus is taken hostage with his mother in a tower. Aethelwulf comes to deliver them. Later, King Ecbert sees Magnus as a way to coerce Ragnar into a deal as he is his son. But Ragnar said he never had sex with Kwenthrith. Thus, Magnus loses interest in Ecbert. Aethelwulf banishes him from Wessex and spares him certain death.

Magnus in the series

Magnus, now a man, returns to Wessex. He claims to Bjorn that he is a son of Ragnar. He proclaims that he wants revenge on King Alfred because Ecbert and Aethelwulf are responsible for his exile and the death of their father. He meets Lagertha and Ubbe and encourages them to join King Harald's forces, as King Alfred is unreliable and not going to keep his promise. Magnus is convinced that Alfred is not going to grant them land in East Anglia. But unlike his brother Bjorn, Ubbe doesn't believe Magnus is their father's son. After the departure of the Saxon army to fight against King Harald, Magnus goes to the Viking camp. There, he declares that he is a Viking and that he despises King Alfred.

Magnus and bjorn


He then joins the forces of King Harald. He fights with them in the Battle of Marton. Magnus kills the standard bearer and several West Saxon soldiers. Despite everything, the Vikings army is defeated. Magnus then embarks with King Harald and his troops towards York.

Magnus and Bjorn in Vikings


He defends his Viking cause and professes his faith before the Viking gods. He then proclaims that the Norse gods will eventually triumph over the Christian God. He participates in the siege of Kattegat and is killed by White Hair, Ivar's personal guard leader.

Magnus fight


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