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  • Aethelwulf in Vikings : Who is he? Presentation and Appearance

    September 27, 2021 3 min read

    Aethelwulf in Vikings : Who is he? Presentation and Appearance

    Aethelwulf has appeared in several seasons, such as in the second, third, fourth and fifth season of the series Vikings . He is the son of King Ecbert. Let's find out who Aethelwulf really is .

    Aethelwulf: Who is he?

    Aethelwulf is the King of Wessex and Mercia. He was also a prince once. Born in 776, he is 42 years old. Aethelwulf married twice, the first of which is Osburga and the second Judith. He has a daughter, Aethelswith, and five sons, whose names are: Aethelstan, Aethelbald, Aethelberht, Aethelred, and Alfred. Aethelwulf appears in 37 episodes. Her first appearance is in season 2 , third episode Betrayal . His final appearance is in season 5 , ninth episode A Simple Story .



    Aethelwulf and a team of armies come and suit Ragnar to talk with his father. As a gesture of determination, Aethelwulf returns Aethelstan's bracelet to demonstrate that the monk is still alive. Although Ragnar has made a promise for their safety, Aethelwulf's party is trapped by Northmen managed by Erlendur. The whole team is exterminated, except Aethelwulf who has been granted permission to flee.

    Aethelwulf tries to ally with Rollo and Floki, but it doesn't go as planned. Some time later, Aethelwulf is aware that Judith is pregnant with Aethelstan's child. Then he left for a Danish colony to put an end to the problems. Aethelwulf takes his fighters to the colony and kills all the colonists.

    aethelwulf vikings


    Aethelwulf persists in demonstrating his warrior standards, despite being successor to the siege. Discovering that Mercia has revolted against Wessex, he goes into diplomatic action against Queen Kwenthrith, who has a talent for demolishing diplomats without any qualms.

    According to the sources, in 825, Aethelwulf's father , King Ecbert won the battle of Ellendun against King Beornwulf. After the death of his father Ecbert, Aethelwulf took his place and became King of Wessex. Possessing the experience acquired when he was under King of Kent, he gave this position to his son Aethelstan, but unfortunately with limited independence. Aethelwulf has a good relationship with Mercia.



    In 843, Aethelwulf lost a battle against thirty armies of Danes at Carthampton. Years later, in 850, his son Aethelstan leads a fight on a sea off Sandwich and wins the battle. All the same, the Danish army has the power to be safe from this victory. Then in 851, against the Danes, Aethelwulf won great success at Aclea. However, the latter land and settle on Sheppey Island. In 853, Aethelwulf offered to help in a Mercian attack against the Welsh. Aethelwulf decided to pay homage to Rome. He stayed there for twelve months and offered donations. In 856, Charles the Bald, the King of France became his ally, this one offered him his daughter Judith to become the wife of Aethelwulf . Before his death, his son Aethelblad attacked his father by allying himself with a bishop and took possession of his kingdom.

    Aethelwulf died in 858, he is buried in Steyning. He died of an allergic reaction caused by the sting of a bee. Following his death, his son Alfred moved his body to Winchester. Aethelwulf 's will could not be preserved. The Kingdom is to be divided between the two eldest sons. Aethelblad rules over Wessex and Atherlbherht over Kent and the South East. The special lands of King Aethelwulf must be given to Aethelblad, Aethelred and Alfred. As for the King's estates, they must be given to his children. And they decide to also share the land with the poor.
    By Aethelwulf's dying wish , Aethelbald takes over the seat of Wessex, as Aethelberth takes over for Kent and the other south-eastern provinces. In 860, two years after Aethelbald's death, Aethelberth replaced him without choosing his heir for Kent, completely abandoning ambitions to divide the kingdom between his sons preserved by his father Aethelwulf .

    Aethelwulf in the series


    This character is portrayed by Moe Dunford , birth name, Maurice Dunford . Born on December 11, 1987 in Waterford, so 33 years old at that time, the actor is of Irish origin. Moe started in 2010, in the series The Tudors and then appeared in various television series. He has had a 9-year career in this field. In 2014, he appeared in the film Patrick's Day and he received four awards for his role. In 2014, Cork Film Festival, Audience Award and in 2015, Berlin International Film Festival, EFP Shooting Stars Awards and Ireland. The same year, he was selected for the cast of Vikings . In 2016, he starred in the film Handsome Devil and appeared in the clip for Hozier. In parallel, he won the Irish Film and Television Awards, a classification of the best actor in a secondary character for his role of Aethelwulf in the series Vikings .

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