Helga, who is she? Presentation and appearance

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Helga, who is she? Presentation and appearance

Introducing Helga in the Vikings series

The Vikings series is full of characters that are as stunning as they are captivating. One of them is Helga's. A unique character that I encourage you to discover.

Helga's personality

Helga is portrayed as a woman of integrity, compassion, and love. She is loyal and devoted to her husband Floki. She was a good wife and a good mother. Despite being a woman of immense kindness and selflessness, Helga was strong and independent.



In the Vikings series , Maude Hirst plays the character of Helga . She is present in season 1 2 3 and 4 of the series. Helga makes her first appearance in the episode titled "Raid" and her last in "The Count". In all, Helga is seen in 39 episodes of the Vikings series .


Helga in the series

Helga is Floki's lover. We often see them together. Their relationship grows stronger and they live together on a secluded beach in Kattegat. Then Helga becomes pregnant with Floki and the latter marries her. After the wedding, Floki left for a raid with Ragnar in England. Upon her return, Helga gives birth to a daughter she named Angrboda. Unfortunately unbeknownst to him, Floki is plotting with King Holki to kill Ragnar Lothbrok and his family. He then asks her to stay away from Kattegat and she agreed, although she is upset that he is not coming with her.

helga and floki in vikings


Helga is a caring and devoted mother. She was always supportive of her husband despite him being a bit eccentric and paranoid. But his devotion and kindness were too much for Floki. He complains of being too happy. Even if Helga is angry, she doesn't show it, because it won't help. She then tells Floki to leave if he wants to, but he doesn't accept.

After learning that Floki killed Athelstan, Helga got scared and ran away, but that didn't upset her husband.



 Helga befriends Aslaug and Siggy, who are also mothers. They take turns looking after the children while their husbands go off to war. Despite the gap that has grown between them, Helga joins her husband in Paris.

Helga and siggy


Unfortunately, Helga loses her daughter who dies of fever. She then reconciles with her husband and together they mourn the death of their daughter. Later, she grows closer to Torvi and Yidu and befriends them. Helga accompanies her husband to Frankia to fight Rollo and she got injured. Then, she returns to Kattegat with Floki. After her daughter's death, Helga is so desperate that she kidnaps Tanaruz during a Viking assault in Algeciras. Tanaruz, whose parents were killed by the Vikings , sees them as enemies. She ends up killing Helga by stabbing her and commits suicide afterwards.

helga and floki wedding


 Helga spends her last moments in her husband's arms, she expresses happiness at the idea of ​​finally finding her daughter.

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