Tree Of Life Earring

Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelery to show your love of nature? Discover our brand new collection of tree of life earrings! With a variety of designs and high quality materials like sterling silver and stainless steel. These earrings are perfect for anyone who wants to show their appreciation for the natural world. Add natural beauty to your wardrobe with our tree of life earrings today!

Earrings are precious jewels that Viking men and women wore by engraving various symbols on them. The most popular and powerful symbol is that of Yggdrasil, the tree of life . Represented by a huge ash tree, the branches of this mighty tree pierce the heavens and connect the nine realms and exercise control over them. It has three roots that go down to three worlds including Asgard, Midgard and Nifheim.

Also called the Viking tree of life, the name Yggdrasil means "dreadful steed" because of the fight he delivers to the God Odin. The tree of life is a symbol of energy, wisdom and eternity . It grants its energy and protection to whoever wears it. We have engraved the symbol of it on beautiful earrings to allow you to have it on you at all times like a true warrior or a true Nordic warrior.

You will discover various forms of earrings: pendants, creoles, pearls or simple rings, spacers or small discreet chips, clips or nails and many others. We have done real jewelry work to offer you earrings for all styles and tastes in our stock. Gold plated, rose gold plated, silver or stainless steel, our tree of life earrings benefit from a perfect finish and can also carry touches of crystal, zirconium stones, or wood according to your preferences.

Dangling earrings with tree of life motif

When it comes to accessorizing, few pieces of jewelry are as versatile as tree of life drop earrings. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or showcasing your everyday style, these drop earrings can add an extra touch of elegance or personality to your bracelet or pendant. And the great thing about dangle earrings is that there's a style for every woman. From delicate steel and understated designs to eye-catching pieces, this collection has something for everyone. You can easily accompany your dangling earrings with a bracelet or a pretty pendant representing the tree of life. So if you're looking to add some pizzazz to your look, check out these unique drop earrings!

Silver tree of life earring

Besides their role as decorative elements, earrings have a special meaning for every woman. In the Celtic world, these elements of various shapes were considered a protective talisman, a sign of clan membership, proof of courage and even life insurance . The most powerful could therefore engrave the symbol of the tree of life on a silver earring to offer it to their wife as a sign of their protection and the value she has in their eyes.

Silver is indeed a color that goes well with all colors. Silver tree of life earrings are quick to notice and symbolize wealth, fortune and power. This jewel is clearly intended for the most powerful Vikings, kings and their wives. If you are looking for a quintessential earring, the silver tree of life earring is the one for you

Price policy and free and paid delivery:

Whether you are looking for a gift or want to treat yourself, we have the perfect product at an affordable price. We offer many types of tree of life jewelry starting with fancy zinc alloy earrings that are priced low enough to suit all budgets starting at 29eur! Our stainless steel tree of life earrings also start from 34.99eur. For those who prefer sterling silver, our prices are between 39 and 50 euros free delivery included.

You can make a thoughtful gift by ordering Tree of Life Earrings from our store and enjoy free shipping. Free shipping worldwide is offered for purchases above 39eur and below this amount, the price of standard delivery is 3.90eur. In addition, the free and standard delivery time will be 10 to 15 working days from the date of the order.

Discover our selection of favorite items in our stock for a successful gift idea:

- Tree of life earrings & crystal stones: These beautiful earrings are made from sterling silver and are available in different colors (yellow gold plated, rose gold plated, silver) to suit your style. They are perfect to give as a gift to a woman who wants jewelry that is both versatile and resistant!

- Stud Closure Tree of Life Earrings: These stunning earrings are crafted from 925 silver, each varying in size and shape to create a modern and elemental feel. Thanks to their stud closure, you can easily wear them for hours without anything snagging or pulling on your hairline!

- Zirconium Stone Tree of Life Earrings: These zirconium stone earrings feature a tree of life design that is perfect for women who want to be surrounded by something beautiful. This lightweight and durable jewelry can easily fit into any outfit, making it a must-have year-round addition to complementing pendant or bracelet wear!

- Tree of life and crystal earrings: Crystal earrings are such a beautiful product that you have to see them in person. The clear stone increments on each of these pieces of jewelry make it look like you are looking at the world through raindrops as their light sparkles in your ears as she proudly wears them!