Horik, who is he? Presentation and appearance

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Horik, who is he? Presentation and appearance

Introducing Horik in the Vikings series

The Vikings series is animated by outstanding characters from each other. I invite you to discover one of his characters which is none other than that of Horik.

Horik, a great king

Horik was the king of the Danes. He was a great Vikings warrior very loyal to the gods. During his reign, he opposed the Franks who tried to convert his people. He attacked Hamburg and destroyed St. Mary's Cathedral. Horik had an irrepressible hatred towards Christians.



Horik in the series

Horik is present in season 1 and 2 of the series Vikings. He first appears in "Sacrifice" and last in "The Lord's Prayer". The role is played by Donald Logue.

Horik in vikings

@Donal Logue

Horik attends the pilgrimage to Uppsala and meets Ragnar there. His son Ari is killed during the raids in England. In Wessex, King Ecbert sends an army and kills several of his men. He manages to escape with his son Erlendur and returns to Kattegat. He offers Ragnar to let Borg join their ally.

Horik, jealous of Ragnar

horik and ragnar


Horik has always seen Ragnar's ambitions as a threat. He first plots with Borg to kill him, but Ragnar sacrificed the latter to the Blood Eagle. So he manipulates Floki into betraying him. Horik also coerces Siggy into killing Ragnar's children. But contrary to what he had planned, neither Siggy nor Folki killed Ragnar's companions. Horik is then trapped. He asks Ragnar to spare his son. Then Ragnar finishes him off by stabbing him and beating him to death.

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