Gyda : Who is she ? Presentation and Appearance

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Gyda appeared in two seasons, the first and fourth season of the series Vikings. She is a farmer. Let's find out who Gyda really is.

Gyda: Who is she?

Gyda is a farmer. She is the daughter of Ragnar and Lagertha and they live in Kattegat, Scandinavia. Gyda has a brother named Bjorn and four half-brothers, whose names are: Ubbe, Hvitserk, Sigurd and Ivar. She also has an uncle, Rollo, a niece, Siggy, a cousin, Celsa, and two cousins, named William and Marcellus. Gyda appeared in 11 episodes. The first is in season 1 , episode one Heading West and the last in season 4 , episode fifteen All the Angels.



Gyda is a pleasant and very helpful little girl. She immerses herself in teaching in the manner of the Vikings . Unlike her brothers, Gyda is obedient and helps her parents a lot. She first appears chasing eels with her mother Lagertha. In everyday life, she is absolutely close to her. Gyda is never a source of trouble for her family.

When Kattegat's men weren't there, two tramps wanted to rape Lagertha, Gyda's mother . But she asks Gyda to go feed the goats. As a result, her mother beat them and joined Gyda at the place where she hid.

Later, when Gyda told her mother that she was bleeding, the girl had now grown into a young woman. Her mother is happy and at the same time melancholy at the thought that she will no longer be a child and holds her tightly in her arms.

Gyda in the Vikings series


The city of Kattegat is at the heart of a plague epidemic and Gyda is among those infected. Alas, she falls ill and subsequently dies. Before her death, she told her mother that she felt she was not going to survive. But since Lagertha was her mother, she didn't want to believe it, or admit that her daughter was going to die. Gyda was 12 when she died. Lagertha saw Gyda's body in the hospital. It was a heartbreaking loss for his entire family. Her mother is totally devastated after putting her daughter's body on a funeral pyre to be burned. Despite this, Lagertha does not reveal her feelings much. She doesn't want to make the people of Kattegat look like she's weak. On the contrary, she shows her strength and energy. By the time her father Ragnar returned to Kattegat, he landed alone on the spot where his daughter was burned and talks to Gyda as if she were really there.

When Bjorn and Ragnar met again, Bjorn wanted to revive Gyda's memory as if it still existed. Ragnar accepted the idea.

Gyda is played by Ruby O'Leary. She was born on January 9, 1996 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She has been an actress since 2013 and her first role is Gyda, in the series Vikings which she performed from 2013 to 2016. Alongside her activity, she is also a gymnast.

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