Margrethe in Vikings, who is she ? Presentation and appearance

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Margrethe in Vikings, who is she ? Presentation and appearance

Introducing Margrethe in the Viking series

Margrethe is a recurring character in Season 4 and 5 of the series. She debuts in the episode "The Stranger" and is last seen in "Murder's Most Reprehensible". The character of Margrethe is played by Ida Marie Nielsen.

Margrethe, a slave

Margrethe is Aslaug's slave. She is the lover of her three sons. Besides, we see her for the first time having sex with Ubbe, while Ivar secretly watches them. When she makes love to Hvitserk after that, Ivar spies on them too. Then the sons of Aslaug trick Margrethe into sleeping with Ivar. However, when they made love, Ivar cannot satisfy her and tries to strangle her so that she does not repeat her impotence to anyone. Choked, Margrethe tells him that the gods care about her and Ivar finally lets go of her. When Sigurd asks her how it happened, she tells him that he almost killed her and then she tells him the truth. Sigurd laughs and despite Margrethe forbidding him to divulge the secret, he tells his brothers.

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The next day, she serves breakfast to Aslaug and her sons. Ivar then begins groping her. Aslaug then orders Margrethe to sit next to Ivar and help him eat. Hvitserk starts taunting them and Ivar ends up attacking him, but fails due to his disability. Margrethe seeing all this, is horrified, because she knows what Ivar is capable of.

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Later, Torvi brings her to Hedeby where she meets Lagertha and Astrid. She confesses to them that Margrethe is a slave used by Ragnar's sons.

When Ubbe and Sigurd are invited to Hedeby, they find that Margrethe is also there. She is later seen making love to Ubbe until Astride interrupts them and stops Ubbe.


Her desire to be queen

When she sees Ubbe again afterwards, she asks him for forgiveness. Ubbe frees her and they get married. However, he allows her to continue seeing Hvitserk. During the Battle of Kattegat, Margrethe survives.

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After a conflict between Ubbe and Ivar, Hvitserk sides with Ivar. Ubbe then decides not to share Margrethe with him anymore.

Margrethe is greedy for power, and goes crazy for it. She plots first to kill Bjorn and his children, then to usurp Lagertha so that Ubbe becomes king and she becomes queen. However, her behavior pushed her husband towards the arms of Torvi. And while they're off to war, Margrethe threatens to kill Torvi's children. But she took notice and was chained up and left somewhere. It was Ivar who found her and Hvitserk took care of her. Ivar tells him that Margrethe is crazy, but he ignores her.

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During her stay in Kattegat, she discovers that Ivar was going to marry Freydis. Hence a new queen. Margrethe mocks Ivar's helplessness and calls him "the Boneless". She then persuades Hvitserk to kill him.

At night, Margrethe is awakened by the presence of three men. She tries to run away, but one of them throws a knife in her back, then the other in her chest. And finally, the other man slits his throat.

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