Erlendur in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

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Erlendur in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

Erlendur appeared in three seasons, the second season, third season and fourth season of the Vikings series . He is the Prince of Denmark. Let's find out who Erlendur really is.

Erlendur: Who is he?

Erlendur is a Viking Prince and Warrior. He lives in Hedeby, Denmark. Erlendur had a wife named Torvi and also dated Siggy. He is the son of Horik and Gunnhid. He also has a brother whose name is Ari. Erlendur appears in 22 episodes. Her first appearance is in Season 2 , Episode 2 Fragile Alliance . His final appearance is in Season 4, Episode 9 Death for All.

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During an attack, Erlendur and his brother Ari escort their father Horik along with Ragnar Lothbrok. He helps his father to avenge King Ecbert . Then, Prince Aethelwulf comes to the camp to negotiate. All went well until Erlendur personally attacked Prince Aethelwulf. His father shows a Royal sword and says to Erlendur "If the gods allow it, one day it will be yours my son and you will be king". Afterwards, Ragnar kills his father and family, but Ragnar spares Erlendur .



Erlendur marries Torvi and allies himself with Earl Kalf to avenge his father's death. He searches at all costs for the people who are involved in the death of his father, particularly Ragnar and Bjorn. Erlendur became very cruel, and even more aggressive towards his wife Torvi. Erlendur always says that "A viking never gives up his revenge." This is what we are”. During the Paris campaign, he watches his wife Torvi and Bjorn with a furious look, throughout their discussion. Bjorn offered a bracelet to Torvi, Erlendur takes the bracelet and confiscates it. Erlendur tells his wife Torvi to kill Bjorn otherwise Erlendur will kill Torvi's son. Torvi then takes Erlendur's crossbow , she turns on him and kills him. This is what caused Erlendur's death .

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This character is played by actor Edvin Endre whose full name is Edvin Leonard Hugo Endre , born July 1, 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is the son of actress Lena Endre and actor and former footballer Thomas Hanzon. Edvin Endre has had a 7-year career. He graduated in Dramatic Arts from the Sodra Latins Gymnasium. He began his career in 2013, in the film Studentfest. The same year, he participated in an episode of the series, Erica's Investigations. He starts young, but his career is well launched. In 2016, he was on a poster for an American production, Eddie the Eagle . Apart from his mother tongue, Swedish, he speaks English and French. Edvin Endre also practices horse riding, dancing, boxing and kickboxing. Edvin Endre is known in several films and series, such as in Moominvalley, Fartblinda, Fortitude and En delad varld and in the films The spy, Swoon, La caresse, The pagan King, Eddie the Eagle, Transference and Studentfesten.

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