Ecbert in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

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Ecbert in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

Ecbert appeared in three seasons, the second season, third and fourth season of the series Vikings. He is the king of Wessex and Mercia. Let's find out who Ecbert really is .

Ecbert: Who is he?

King Ecbert was born in 750, therefore 55 years old. His home is in Wessex, England. Ecbert dated several women, such as Judith, Kwenthrith, and Lagertha. He has a son whose name is Aethelwulf. Ecbert appears in 26 episodes. His first appearance is in Season 2, Episode 2 Fragile Alliance. His last appearance is in season 2, episode 20 At the hour of our death. Ecbert is shrewd, intelligent, shrewd and resourceful. He pretends to be friendly and trustworthy, which makes him even more dangerous. He is even willing to sacrifice his loved ones and others to achieve his goal. But he is an excellent King for his greatness. Despite his attitude, he is really attached to his son. His understanding of others and his open-mindedness are his valuable assets, enabling him to acquire new knowledge in order to manage various situations to his advantage.



In 780 he was forced to flee because of Offa of Mercia and Beorhtric of Wessex. He fled to Charlemagne. Then, Beorhtric is dead and Ecbert takes the throne of Wessex. It maintains its independence from the Kingdom of Mercia.

In 826 Ecbert won a battle of Ellendun against Beornwulf of Mercia, Kent. Then, in 829, Ecbert also defeated Wiglaf of Mercia. He chases him away and takes over the Kingdom of Wiglaf. Ecbert's victories show that he dominates all of England.

Yet he can't manage to maintain his power. In less than a year, Wiglaf took over the reins of Mercia. However, Kent, Sussex and Surrey remain attached to Wessex. He entrusts them to his son Aethelwulf.

In 836, to the southwest, Ecbert lost a battle against the Danes at Carhampton. Then, in 838, Ecbert won the battle against them and their Breton allies at Hingston Down. Ecbert completes the freedom of the Breton kingdom.

In 839, Ecbert made an agreement with Bjorn, giving him land and property. He then commits suicide by cutting his veins. His body is buried in Winchester, next to his son Aethelwulf and his grandson Alfred the Great.

Ecbert in vikings


According to his grandson Alfred the Great, Ecbert provided in his will that his land be returned to the men of the family, so that the royal house would not be lost. He leaves the throne to his son Aethelwulf.

This character is played by Linus Roache, born February 1, 1964 in Manchester, of British origin. Aged 57, Linus Roache has had a 44-year career in the film industry. It was in 1994 that he began his career, playing the leading role of the young homosexual priest in the film Prêtre. Linus Roache is also known in various films and series, such as in the series Kidnapped, New York, judicial police and Blacklist or in the films Without borders, the night of the hostages, Hochelag and Land of souls.

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