Presentation of Astrid in the Vikings series

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Presentation of Astrid in the Vikings series

Astrid appeared in two seasons, the fourth and fifth seasons of the series Vikings . She is a powerful Skjaldmö warrior. Let's find out who Astrid really is .

Astrid: Who is she?

In the past, Astrid was a queen of the Kingdom of Vestfold-Rogaland and former second-in-command to Lagertha. She is the wife of Harald and had two ex-lovers. One was named Bjorn and the other was a woman, named Lagertha. Astrid appears in 17 episodes of the Vikings series. His first appearance is in season 4, episode eleven The Stranger. And his last appearance is in season 5, episode ten The Vision. Astrid is a strong and intelligent young girl. She is devoted to her queen, Lagertha. Astrid shows that she is trustworthy. But, she envies Torvi because she is an advisor to Lagertha.

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Astrid was in Lagertha's circle in Hedeby. The latter trained Astrid in the arts of war and the arts of love. Ragnar arrived in Hedeby and met Astrid. He apologizes to Lagertha, because she did not agree to go to England with him. After he leaves, Astrid and Lagertha continue dating before they move to Kattegat.

Astrid decides to get revenge by ambushing Ragnar's sons Ubbe and Sigurd and threatening to kill them after Ubbe fails to fight off Ragnar's guards. But after all, Lagertha managed to retake Kattegat and establish herself as queen, killing Auslaug.

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When Bjorn returned home, Astrid and Bjorn became lovers, surely to annoy Lagertha, as she wouldn't confess her plans. Sometime after this, Egil confronts the Kattegat on Harald's orders, but Astrid, Lagertha, and others object. Egil is defeated by Astrid, despite Lagertha not wanting to kill him. After a while, she pesters him to receive information.

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Astrid is abducted by Harald and leads her into his kingdom. She is forced to marry Harald in order to stay alive. She therefore became queen of Vestfold-Rogaland. Later, she is raped by several men and announces it to Harald. Some time later, she became pregnant. There is no evidence yet who the father really is, Harald or any of the rapists. Astrid confesses to Lagertha that she does not want this child. She throws herself at Lagertha and the latter runs through her with her sword. This is how Astrid and her unborn baby are killed by her ex-lover, Lagertha. Ivar the Boneless is the winner of this battle. Lagertha and her army flee to Kattegat. But Ivar the Boneless isn't done with Lagertha yet and still wants revenge.

actress of Astrid in vikings

@Alla corte di Kattegat

Astrid is played by Maria Josefin Asplund. Born October 15, 1991, 29 years old. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. When Josefin was 7 years old, his parents separated. When she was 6 years old, she started in the field of the local theater which is located just near her home. Until her adolescence, she already played several characters in various musicals. In 2010 she graduated in drama from the Södra Latins Gymnasium in Stockholm. She made her career debut in 2011 and landed her first Universal role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, performed by David Fincher. The following year, she interpreted one of the essential roles in Call Girl, directed by Mikael Marcimain. In 2012 and 2015, Josefin Asplund was shortlisted for the Rising Star Award at the Stockholm Film Festival. Also in the same year 2015, Josefin had the most prominent role in The Circle, a fabulous drama directed by Levan Akin. Then in autumn 2016, she played the role of "white" in a series called Les Sept Nains et Moi, directed by Luc Chalifour. Josefin Asplund is best known as Astrid, a shield warrior in the Vikings series.

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