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  • Introducing Ubbe Ragnarsson in the Vikings series

    June 14, 2021 5 min read

    Introducing Ubbe Ragnarsson in the Vikings series

    You have all followed the famous Vikings series. You particularly liked certain characters, while others inspired you with almost nothing positive. What about the character of Ubbe Ragnarsson? Who is he in the series? What place does it occupy in the story and how does it affect its unfolding? What role does he play in the lives of the other characters? To find out, we invite you to discover Ubbe Ragnarsson . To let you know more about him, we have presented the life of the character according to historical accounts. Let's take a closer look.

    Who is Ubbe Ragnarsson?

    The character of Ubbe Ragnarsson is played by Jordan Patrick Smith until the fourth season. From the fourth season, it is Kyky who interprets it. But it is in the second season that we see him appear for the first time, especially in the episode “Fragile Alliance”. Throughout the series, Ubbe is presented as a gentle character. He was the sweetest and most compassionate of Ragnar Lothbrok's sons. Unlike most Vikings, he does not rape women and even thinks of others more than himself. For those interested, here are more details about the character.

    Ubbe Ragnarsson in the Vikings series

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    Ubbe's family

    Son of the legend Ragnar Lothbrok and Aslaug, Ubbe Ragnarsson is a prince of Denmark and a Viking warrior. He was known for his striking physical resemblance to his father, Ragnar Lothbrok , during his youth. It is true that he was born out of wedlock and is therefore assumed to be a bastard child.

    However, he still became one of Ragnar's rightful heirs given Ragnar's marriage to Aslaug and Lagertha's divorce. In the early chapters, he is seen next to his mother and his brothers Ivar Ragnarsson, Bjorn, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Halfdan. From a moment, Ubbe and Hvitserk come out of the house and find themselves on an icy lake. There they fall. Siggy, who tries to save them, but unfortunately he loses his life trying.

    Ubbe Ragnarsson first marries Margrethe , then Torvi, formerly the wife of his older brother. With her, they give birth to a son who bears the same name as Ubbe's father. The son is called Ragnar.

    Ubbe's beliefs

    Ubbe Ragnarsson knew sorcery and magic, especially the seier magic practiced by the pagan magicians of the Nordic regions. He also had the habit of evaluating by magical means , the possibilities he loses before engaging in each battle.

    During his life, he learned the arts of war. A great Viking warrior, he was also a fine military strategist. He also had a very high sense of diplomacy, even if, it must be said, he did not experience too much difficulty in fighting his enemies and piercing them with his sword.

    Ubbe Ragnarsson


    Ubbe Ragnarsson towards the end of the series

    It should also be noted that it is to Ubbe Ragnarsson that the honor of closing the series has fallen. He was then in the company of Floki, his friend. In the final episodes, the spectator therefore sees Ubbe leaving for the Golden Country, this American coast where the Mi'kmaq lived. Could the installation of Ubbe on this new land be likened to the discovery of America?

    What is certain is that following a succession of adventures , Ubbe discovers that Floki, another character from the series played by actor Gustaf Skarsgård had also settled down. Need we remind you that in the series, Floki used Ubbe to fake the murder of Torstein in order to deceive King Horik? We must also remember that in season 4 of the series, Floki was captured by Ubbe who takes his father's ring to go to Paris with Ragnar.

    The real story of Ubbe Ragnarsson

    The information available on Ubbe Ragnarsson comes mainly from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. According to the texts where he was mentioned, Ubbe was born in the period from 750 to 800 . He died around 878 in Devon. After news of their father's death, Ubbe Ragnarsson and his brothers form the largest Viking army in Viking history.

    The Northumbrian Attack

    They were among the leaders of this Great Viking Army feared by the armies of Scandinavia and those of the Irish Sea region. In 865, he shared the leadership of the army with two of his brothers in East Anglia namely Halfdan and Ivar Ragnarsson or Ivar the Boneless.

    They winter in Northumbria looking like they were there for a land grant. It was therefore after having spent a whole season on this land that they launched the raid against the English armies who live there and those of Wessex.

    They kill King Edmund and conquer East Anglia four years later. It should be noted that they were able to defeat Northumbria in this way because it was immersed in a civil war between Aella and Osberth. They were therefore unable to repel their attack.

    Ubbe RagnarssonVikings

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    The Martyrdom of Aebbe

    Ubbe Ragnarsson is also associated with the death of Aebbe, the young Anglo-Saxon abbess who forced the nuns of Coldingham Abbey to have their noses and upper lip cut off in order not to be raped by the Viking raiders who landed on their land.

    To set an example, she cut off her own nose and upper lip with a knife. The other nuns were quick to follow her example. The Viking "marauders" seeing the nuns bleeding and their faces disfigured were repelled and therefore did not touch them.

    Ubbe Ragnarsson and Ivar would then have had all the nuns killed and Aebbe then destroyed their monastery. In fact, it was Ubbe who ordered the monastery to be razed and the nuns to be burned inside. That was in 870. Today, the young Aebbe is considered a martyr, just like King Edmund.

    The death of Ubbe Ragnarsson

    Ubbe Ragnarsson does not live more than a decade after this event. He died in 878 in England. It was during the Battle of Devon. The Vikings had approached the English coast of Devon. Having noticed that the Saxons were hiding at the top of a hill and more precisely in the fort of Cynwit, they had decided to besiege the place, knowing that their enemies would eventually surrender when they were exhausted by thirst.

    Unfortunately, the latter did not wait for thirst to act. Led by the ealdorman Odda, they threw themselves on the vikings who were passively awaiting their victory. The surprise having had its effect, the Saxons defeated them and Odda's men killed Ubbe. Many Danes died on this day.

    It should also be noted that in the Scandinavian chronicles, Ubbe never went to unknown lands. He never went to America. According to the story, it was Leif Erikson who was the first Viking to travel to North America. The latter had named the place he discovered, Vinland, meaning by that, the land of Wine. It was indeed a land rich in vines and fertile ground for growing grapes.

    So this is the essential to know about the character of Ubbe Ragnarsson? So what inspires you? What aspects of his life do you find most interesting?

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