Introducing Freydis in the Vikings series

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Introducing Freydis in the Vikings series

Revolted by the death of their father, the sons of Ragnar raise the greatest Heathen Army to invade England and seek revenge . Shortly after their landslide victory, Ivar the Boneless, who played an important role in this battle, meets Freydis, a slave destined for sacrifices for the gods.

Bewitched by her beautiful words, he frees her; but he is far from suspecting how much the existence of this young girl will affect his own future. In this article, we take a look back at one of the most intriguing characters from the Vikings series .


Who is Freydis in the Vikings series?

True to form, the Vikings captured many prisoners during the Battle of York in English territory. Among them is Freydis, a frail blond young woman with blue eyes, brought to Ivar the Boneless to be sacrificed to the gods. Seductive and sensual , she manages to find favor in the eyes of Ivar who, moved by her beautiful words, decides to free her.

Later, Ivar and Freydis reunite at a banquet given in Kattegat to celebrate his victory over Lagertha . The oaths of love and fidelity of the beautiful slave cause the new king to lose his head and decide to make her his wife. From slave to queen, Freydis truly proves that she is a wise woman, courageous and confident, religious and compassionate.

This woman is the only one in the Ragnar family, and in history for that matter, not to be frightened by the devious and cruel character of Ivar-the-Boned . On the contrary, Freydis seemed to see things in him that no one would have suspected, including his grand ambitions. And like all the characters in the series, Freydis hides a dark part of her, which soon reveals itself.

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Freydis: lover, traitor and weakness

Deeply wounded in his pride, Ivar, after his failure with Margrethe, had sworn he would never fall in love again. However, it is without counting on the affection and the charm of Freydis , whose sensual lips and body had got the better of him. And the height of devotion, the latter swore by blood that she would carry the heir of Ivar in her womb.

In Ivar's eyes, Freydis then becomes the perfect mistress: confidant, loving and above all treating him like a man, a real Viking . In fact, he does not know that his queen did not hesitate to sleep with a servant to have a child, Ivar being unable to have one. He takes it badly, because at birth the baby turns out to be crippled just like her husband. Mere coincidence or wrath of the gods?

Like Ragnar his father, Ivar decides to kill the child in the forest to spare him a lifetime of suffering. The news comes as a real shock to Freydis, who saw her child's deformity as a blessing from the gods . From then on, she becomes Ivaret's Achilles' heel and will do everything to overthrow her son's murderer. For the King of Kattegat, the end has only just begun.

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The Tragic Death of Freydis

The very last episodes of season 5 are a veritable heap of adventures, blood, guts and piling up corpses . Motivated by her revenge, Freydis turns to help Björn, the eldest son of Ragnar, Harald and Hvitserk to overthrow a battle-overwhelmed Ivar despite his impressive strategies. Then she confesses her betrayal to her husband as if to taunt him.

This scene is one of the most tragic of episode 20. While kissing his wife, Ivar strangles her from behind with his arms, crying and lamenting. And as she takes her last breath, he tells her that he will always love her. These words alone are enough to show the intensity of the links that existed between these two characters. Thus dies the beautiful Freydis with the golden hair.

Freydis and Ivar: an unsolved affair?

A surprise awaits us in season 6. The exile of Ivar and his men leads them to the court of Prince Oleg, a new character. This stay is a real upheaval for the former king who meets Katia, Oleg's new wife. Apart from her black hair, the latter looks terribly like Freydis, his late wife. Isn't it the same person?

Of course, the answer is negative. This stroke of genius is due to Michael Hirst, creator of the series, who wanted to embody in a character the guilt of Ivar. Indeed, the latter is plagued by deep regrets over the murder of his wife and the sight of Katia only serves to overwhelm him more. Besides, Hvisterk will call him crazy, because he sees no resemblance between the two women.

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What place does Freydis occupy in Viking history?

According to literature, Freydis is none other than Freydis Eiriksdottir, daughter of Erik the Red and sister of Leif Eriksson . A warrior, she took part in the fight against the natives whom the Vikings disdainfully called “Skraelings”. This first expedition to Vinland was followed by another, all of which ended in failure. During a dispute, Freydis gets angry and kills some of his companions!

This story proves that Freydis embodies a woman of strong character , ambitious and imposing in a world of men. An identity corroborated by the role played in the cinema in the Vikings series. Too bad if Freydis left us. Like Ivar, we will forever carry her in our hearts.

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