Kalf in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

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Kalf in vikings : Who is he ? Presentation and Appearance

Introducing Kalf in the Vikings series

The Vikings series, consisting of five seasons, brings to life the way of life of the Viking people who set out to conquer the world. The creator of this series, Michael Hirst, has set himself the main objective of faithfully reproducing this important part of the Viking era. In the first four seasons, the warriors are wisely led by the great King Ragnar.

Who is Kalf?

Kalf and laguertha vikings

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Even though Lagertha can be a very difficult character to compete against, Kalf is also one of the most impressive. Kalf is a fairly prominent character in the Viking series who was portrayed by actor Ben Robson. Originally from Hedeby, he is a lone warrior. He is Lagertha's right-hand man before becoming her fiancé and replacing her as Jarl of Hedeby. When Lagertha leaves for England, Kalfest has been appointed to rule Hedeby in her absence, but he has other plans in mind. Apart from Kalf and Lagertha's professional relationship, they have a romantic affair that is unfortunately tainted by the acts Kalf has committed to achieve his ambitions.

How is Kalf?

Kalf is a handsome man, very farsighted and very ambitious, he admires Ragnar and considers him a model to follow. Among other Vikings, he is a great dreamer, he does everything to ensure his place in Valhalla.

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Having lived in Hebedy with his family, he takes his land to heart and believes that it is better to serve the people who live there. Kalf, courageous and ambitious, takes the well-being of his compatriots to heart. Due to his character and personality, he has been among the most interesting characters in the middle of the series. Kalf proved to be more fearsome when he betrayed Einar's trust and performed a grand execution.

When does Kalf appear in the Viking series?

Kalf is a main character in season 3 and season 4 he dies at the end of the fourth season. He participates in 13 episodes of the series, he begins to appear in the episode "Mercenaries" and appears for the last time in the episode "Promises".

Kalf battle in vikings


In season 3

Before leaving to fight in England, the Jarl Lagertha who trusted him, put Hedeby in charge of Kalf. Intelligent and calculating, Kalf easily manages to take control of Hedeby and officially proclaims himself Jarl. When Lagertha returns from her battle, Kalf had invited Jarl Guthrum who owns the army as well as Torvi.

Kalf and torvi


In season 4

In this season, Kalf consecrates Lagertha as the second Jarl of Hedeby. In exchange for the latter's return as Jarl, he orders all Vikings to mark a wooden post as a signature. After that, he has all these men killed by Jarl Guthrum's grand army. As they had already planned, Largertha kills Kalf on their wedding day, this being Kalf's last appearance.

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Kalf is an important character in this series, but he is not the only one. Now that you know it a little more, why not discover the others?

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