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  • Introducing Hvitserk in the Vikings series

    June 14, 2021 3 min read

    Introducing Hvitserk in the Vikings series

    Hvitserk was one of the sons of legendary Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. The latter had it with his wife Aslaug. Having noticed that Hvitserk is never mentioned when Halfdan Ragnarsson , the other leader of the Great Viking Army who raided the Kingdom of East Anglia in 865, is mentioned, several scholars have suggested that the name Hvitserk and the name Halfdan were referring to the same person.

    Who is Hvitserk Ragnarsson?

    Born between the first two episodes of season 2 of the series, Hvitserk Ragnarsson appears in seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 and for a total of 27 episodes. Her first appearance was in the episode "Fragrance Alliance". We see him running away with his family, especially with his brother Ubbe, with his mother Aslaug, with his uncle Rollo.

    He is often seen alongside his brother Ubbe Ragnarsson . In fact, as a child, he had a special bond with his older brother Ubbe Ragnarsson. The two had jumped into a frozen lake, risking death by drowning. Fortunately or unfortunately, Siggy who watched them and flew to their aid, lost her life after diving to try to save them with the help of Harbard.

    After Sigurd's death, the Lothbrok brothers rule their new land together. Ivar still offers him to attack and take control of the city of York. If the attack succeeds, the relationship between the three brothers deteriorates. Hvitserk and Ubbe come face to face with an Ivar who thinks he is the leader of the Great Viking Army.

    Hvitserk in the Vikings series


    Hvitserk between two decisive choices

    In York, many events occur and, having considered the situation, Hvitserk Ragnarsson must choose between returning to Kattegat with Ubbe or remaining in York with Ivar who wishes to continue the war. As one might suspect, the young warrior opts for the second alternative.

    He stays to fight with Ivar. Together they fight and reclaim the throne of Kattegat and exact revenge on the warrior Lagertha who, in the season before, had killed their mother. Later, Hvitserk appears to be tormented for a long time and seems to regret choosing to stay with his brother, even though he takes over the city of Kattegat ruled by Ivar.

    The relationship between the two brothers goes from bad to worse. Hvitserk is against the agreement between Ivar and King Harald that the throne of Kattegat will revert to the latter upon Ivar's death. Elsewhere, Ivar burns Thora and his entire family alive when Hvitserk goes to King Olaf for political reasons.

    It is specified that Thora is the one Hvitserk fell in love with. From then on, Hvitserk made an alliance with King Olaf, with Ubbe and Bjorn in order to take over the throne, the government of which should fall to the eldest, that is to say Bjorn.

    Hvitserk who sinks into alcohol and drugs

    The alliance between King Olaf, Ubbe and Bjorn being concluded, the throne is recovered in favor of Bjorn. Hvitserk agrees, at his request, to stay in Kattegat to help him with his new responsibilities . Obviously, his desire to avenge the murder of his beloved Thora had still not passed him.

    Without realizing the path he was taking, he lets the pain sink him into a bitter addiction to alcohol and drugs. Hallucinations besiege him. He sees Ivar. He sees Torah. He loses control. One evening, he stabs Lagertha repeatedly. The warrior succumbs to her injuries. Mistake, Hvitserk had taken her for Ivar. Bjorn informed of his mother's murder, decides to burn Hvitserk alive . However, he ends up saving his life when the latter confesses his crime to him. However, he does not fail to banish him from the city of Kattegat.


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    Ivar, the peacemaker

    Banished from the city of Kattegat by Bjorn for the unconscious murder of the latter's mother, Hvitserk is approached by Ivar who has a plan . He wants to form a personal guard made up of vikings. The goal is to overthrow Prince Oleg. Hvitserk does not reject the proposal. The two brothers return to Kattegat and Wessex for a final battle against Alfred the Great. Ivar will never come out alive from this battle.

    Ivar is buried according to traditional rites. The farewells that are deserved to him are made to him. Hvitserk eventually realizes that his life's purpose is to be an apostle of peace between the Saxon peoples and the Scandinavian peoples. He then decided to choose the religion that offered him this new lifestyle. He converted to Christianity and was rebaptized. His new name is Athelstan, a name that all fans of this series loved.

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