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  • Judith in vikings, who is she? Presentation and appearance

    September 27, 2021 3 min read

    Judith in vikings, who is she? Presentation and appearance

    Presentation of Judith in the Vikings series

    In the Vikings series, certain characters fascinate us. So it is with Judith.

    Who is Judith?

    Judith is the daughter of King Aelle of Northumbria and Queen Ealhswith. She is a sweet, cultivated and curious young woman. She is a believer and attaches great importance to religion.

    Judith in the Vikings series


    Judith is a recurring character in the series Vikings where she makes her first appearance in the episode "The Blood Eagle" in season 1. The role is first played by Sarah Greene. Then in season 3 4 and 5 by Jennie Jacques.

    Judith in the series

    Judith is the princess of Northumbria. She married Æthelwulf, the son of King Ecbert to create an alliance between their two kingdoms.

    A year after the wedding, Judith becomes pregnant and gives birth to a boy named Aethelred. Although devoted as a wife, Judith is very attracted to Athelstan, the monk who accompanies Ragnar Lothbrok. When she sees his crucifixion scar, she asks him to kiss her. Which annoyed the monk.

    Judith in the Vikings series


    Later, Judith asks him to confess. During the confession, Judith admits to him that her sin was to dream of sleeping with a man other than her husband. She gives him the details that she was lying naked next to this man and then that she liked what they did. At his request, she reveals to him that he is the man of her dreams. But she leaves before he gives her penance.

    A few days later, Lagertha and Athelstan return to the castle to see King Ecbert. The King notices Judith's interest in Athelstan and the warning. Ecbert invites them afterwards to join him at the Roman baths. When the king and Lagertha start fooling around in front of them, Judith couldn't take it anymore and leaves; Athelstan followed him. She then confesses to him that she feels dirty because of her growing interest in him, as she knows it's wrong.

    Judith and Athelstan in Vikings


    Eventually, they give in to their urge and start having an affair. Judith declares her feelings to him which, moreover, were reciprocal. Then she discovers that she is pregnant.

    Athelwulf returns from Mercia to find that his wife is suffering from morning sickness. Judith does not try to hide her infidelity. He was furious to find out that his wife is pregnant by another man. He then asks Judith to reveal the father's name to him, but she refuses. Later, Judith gives birth to a boy. As Aethelwulf pretends to come to congratulate her, he takes her violently and ties her outside in order to be judged. Judith is convicted of adultery and sentenced to have her nose and ears cut off. The king then asks him to give the father's name in order to avoid punishment. She initially refuses, but not bearing the pain when her ears were cut off, she eventually relents and reveals Athelstan's name. Her husband doesn't believe him, but Ecbert does. She is freed when he says that Athelstan is a holy man, so the child is God's. He then baptized him Alfred.

    Judith and Ecbert in Vikings


    Judith then won the king's favor and his protection, but upon learning that he wants her to become his mistress, she understands why all his intentions towards her and Alfred. The king even promises him his kingdom.

    Judith and the King


    While Aethelwulf is off to rescue Kwenthrith, Judith tells Ecbert that she wants to light some manuscripts. He then finds her a teacher. She begins the lessons with the monk. This one knows all of Rollo's attacks on the Vikings. Judith then inquires about Athelstan, but the monk says he doesn't know. She is worried, but Ecbert reassures her and that evening, he joins her in her apartments, then she agrees to be his mistress on the condition that he respects her. At night, she dreams of Athelstan and thinks it is a sign that he is dead. She mourns the loss of Athelstan when her husband returns, but tricks him into thinking they are tears of joy, as she is happy to see him.

    Judith actress in vikings


    When Kwenthrith, her husband's lover tries to kill Ecbert, Judith kills her. She refuses to sleep with her husband who calls her a whore. She leaves to find Ecbert and he offers her his wife's ring.

    Judith lives in exile with her husband and two sons. When Aethelwulf dies, she convinces Aethelred to give up the throne in favor of Alfred. He agrees, but plots to usurp his brother. And when Alfred falls ill, Judith poisons and kills Aethelred so that he does not rise to power.

    Judith an important woman from the Vikings series


    Later, Judith brings the sick Lagertha back to the castle and treats her. They become friends and Judith confesses to him that she has a tumor in her chest. She dies in her bed shortly after, surrounded by her son and Lagertha.

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