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  • Viking Tattoo

    The tattoo has long been part of Viking culture and was used as a form of identification for warriors or for religious and spiritual purposes. In fact, many ancient artifacts discovered during this time feature intricate images and symbols that can be interpreted as tattoos. These symbols often represented courage in battle or protection from evil, two important aspects of Norse culture when it came to warfare or life at sea.


    Thinking of getting a tattoo? If so, you may be looking for inspiration for your future tattoo. And if you are interested in tattoos inspired by Norse culture mythology, Viking tattoos might be right up your alley. Read on for ideas for Viking tattoos for men and women, as well as the history of these tattoos to help you decide if this type of tattoo is right for you.

    Mythology and the Nordic world fascinate and inspire you. You feel you have something in common with the Vikings, their history, their art, their culture and their values. You have even purchased jewelry marked with Viking symbols , but you desire to have these markings on your skin. You want to feel them on you.

    Welcome to the clan. To help you complete your source of inspiration, we suggest you discover the most used symbols and help you identify the most suitable locations for a Viking tattoo.


    What are the different Viking symbols that you can tattoo yourself?


    Viking tattoos refer to animals such as the wolf, the snake, crows, you will also find references to certain objects such as Thor's hammer called mjolnir, Odin's spear through patterns with strong mystical connotations such as the vegvisir, the aegishjalmur the helm of crows, the horns of Odin. The catalog of Viking symbols is large enough for you to find the Viking tattoo you desire. Here is a list of ideas of the most often chosen Viking symbols and the meaning of tattoos.


    The tattoo: Viking compass (Vegvisir)


    tatouage vegvisir



    Very present in Norse mythology, the Vegvisir or Vegvisir's compass , since it is the other name of the Viking compass, is the symbol of orientation and protection.


    It is a Viking compass composed of 8 branches, themselves composed of points, lines, small circles, and semicircles. The vegvisir was once drawn on ships and sails to ensure a safe return. Today, the Vegvisir is used in tattoos to express assurance and peace of mind on life's path despite the vagaries.


    The tattoo: The Ravens of the god Odin


    tatouage corbeaux

    Mysterious and considered messengers of death, the crows served as ears and eyes to the gods Odin and also to the warriors who flew them over the battlefields to gather information.

    These birds owe the mournful epithets attributed to them to their necrophagia. However, on the spiritual level, the crow is not only a messenger of death. He also embodies knowledge, wisdom and intelligence. This animal in many tattoos.


    The tattoo: Nordic runes


    tatouage rune viking



    Even though the runes look like letters, the runes are complete words. It is a communication system in the form of a drawing thanks to which the Vikings sent messages to each other in times of difficulty, invoked the help of the gods, or asked questions about the past and the future.

    The weapons of the Vikings also carried runic messages. In tattooing, these symbols represent the mystery of the invocation of deities , the prediction of the future and the connection between the human and the divine world. This small tattoo can be tattooed on different parts of a man's or a woman's body. We find this tattoo usually on the arm, in the neck


    The tattoo: The Viking wolf


    tatouage loup

    In Norse mythology, when talking about the wolf, Fenrir is the only name that often comes to mind. Separated from his family from his early childhood, the wolf Fenrir became indomitable and developed a terrible ferocity which the gods Tyr and Odin did not fail to bear the brunt of. As a tattoo, this wolf is more suitable for people who, excluded by society, have developed an aggressive personality while growing up. The wearer can also decide to assign meaning to their tattoos.


    The tattoo: The Valknut (triangle)


    tatouage valknut



    The Valknut is a Viking symbol represented by a triad of interlocking triangles positioned so that their vertices point upwards. The three triangles evoke the number 3 which relates to the triune dimension of man (body, soul and spirit) and to that of time (present, past, future).

    The total number of peaks being 9, the Valknut evokes the journey of man through the nine worlds . With a strong spiritual connotation, this Viking symbol associated with the god Odin who is the main god in Norse mythology is used to facilitate the rest of the souls in Valhalla of the valiant warriors killed in battle. As a tattoo, it is therefore used to pay tribute to deceased loved ones. This tattoo is usually found on the arm.


    The tattoo: Tree of life or Yggdrasil





    Yggdrasil or the tree of life is the schematic representation of the 9 worlds for the Viking peoples. Yggdrasil is in the form of a tree whose branches join the roots by springing towards them, thus forming a circle.

    The tree of life evokes the spiritual connection between the nine worlds , knowledge and power. Yggdrasil symbolizes the interconnection between the spheres of existence and the creature's innate ability to survive obstacles. So you can get this viking tattoo if you feel involved in too many activities or if you have to take on a lot of irreducible responsibilities.


    The tattoo: Berserker, the Viking Bear


    tatouage ours



    Even the most valiant warriors feared this animal of extraordinary strength. Sometimes vikings even wore bearskin clothes to scare their enemy.

    The bear is a Viking symbol of power and virility . Curiously, he can also be very gentle and calm. A viking bear tattoo could therefore serve as a warning to those around you who might misunderstand your calm nature.



    The tattoo: Mjolnir, the hammer of thor


    tatouage marteau de thor



    A mjolnir tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to depict Thor's hammer. This powerful symbol can be interpreted in many ways, but it is most often seen as a representation of strength, protection, and power. If you are considering getting a mjolnir tattoo, here are some things to consider.


    The tattoo: Midgard Serpent


    tatouage serpent



    Among all the tattoo designs, the snake tattoo is one of the most popular. Snakes have been part of human culture for thousands of years, and they remain popular symbols today. There are a number of different reasons why people may choose to get this design tattooed, but most often it is because snakes are seen as symbols of power, strength and fertility.


    Celtic symbol tattoos

    The catalog of Celtic symbols is quite impressive. There are among others the Celtic cross, the infinite spiral, the Carolingian cross, the spiral of life, the Three Rays, etc. Coming mostly from paganism, they represent the permanent interconnection between the universe, the cycles of life, the elements of nature and spiritual entities, but also spiritual balance and levels of consciousness.


    Sometimes associated with runes , Celtic symbols are more composed of circles and spirals, which contributes to reinforce this mystical side which makes all their originality. They are very popular in tattoos by people with a strong penchant for spirituality, opaque people, misunderstood people, etc.


    The tattoo: The Viking warrior




    Norse mythology teaches us that the Vikings were mainly a people of robust warriors, full of courage and ardor. They had the conquest and the thirst for victory in their souls. They could face any difficulty and adapt to any type of situation. Viking warrior tattoos are therefore an excellent way to appropriate the power and bravery of this people.


    The tattoo: The Viking ax


    tatouage hache viking



    Light, balanced, versatile with a long or short handle depending on the model , the Viking ax was the weapon most used by Viking warriors. Designed to make attacks faster and more deadly, it represents strength and boldness. In tattooing, this Viking symbol can be associated with the skull to send a warning to the enemy.


    The tattoo: Skull


    The Vikings never returned from a war without a skull or crossbones. Contrary to the conception that one might have of this symbol, the Vikings considered it a lucky charm, because it meant that one was not killed in battle.


    Moreover, the enemy's skull being considered the reservoir of his mind and intellectual faculties, returning from a war with a skull was a very audible sign of victory and manifest supremacy. Tattooed, this Viking symbol also sometimes represents acceptance of the reality of death.


    Of course, the list does not end there. Other symbols, including the aegishjalmur or helm of awe, and the viking mjolnir or hammer of Thor, could also make great tattoos.


    On which part of the body to get a tattoo of a Viking symbol?


    Basically, the choice of location is free and your responsibility. However, for your tattoos to be as close as possible to the realities of the Viking era, you will have to favor certain locations.


    For this purpose, getting a skull tattoo is one of the hottest trends. You will always have the possibility to make this Viking tattoo “disappear” whenever you want. It will be enough to let your hair grow.


    For an imposing image with intricate details like faces, battle scenes, animals, etc., you can do your viking tattoo on the arm, back, side, thighs or calves. The chest is more suitable for small Viking tattoos.


    As for the forearm, it is a more suitable location for tattoos with deep meaning and very high emotional value. The forearm is often considered the painting of the inner being.


    Some people may prefer discretion. They will then make the option of small format symbols to tattoo on places that are not very exposed and easy to cover such as a collarbone , neck, wrist, ankle, finger, etc.


    Which symbol to choose for his Viking tattoo?


    Many Norse mythology enthusiasts have ended up completely covered in Viking tattoos because it's hard to choose. Before embarking on a tattoo, it will therefore be necessary to define exactly what you are looking for as a tattoo.


    For example, Norse symbols for a woman tend to be less aggressive than those for men . This type of tattoo is far from being a barrier based on gender and size, it allows women to maintain their femininity while expressing their attachment to Viking values and culture.


    When making the design of your tattoo, you will also have the possibility of choosing between tradition and modernity . Instead of choosing a purely classic pattern, the artist can, depending on his mastery of the art, add some touches of modernity in the design to make the tattoo more attractive and not to look like a vestige of antiquity.


    An original touch in a tattoo can, for example, consist of inscribing your name with runes, adding a few colors, combining symbols in a clever way, etc. But to achieve this and not end up with an unsightly stain on the skin, you will need to choose a tattoo artist who is really good at Viking symbols.

    Above you will find a beautiful source of inspiration for your future tattoo.