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  • viking rune tattoo

    May 17, 2021 3 min read

    viking rune tattoo

    Almost ubiquitous in symbols from Norse mythology, including the hammer of Thor, the Valknut , the Vegvisir, the Yggdrasil, the Helm of Awe or the ravens of Odin, runes enjoy singular popularity.

    viking rune tattoo -1


    Above all, the most curious will undoubtedly want to know that a rune is an ancient writing system made up of special signs used by the Germanic peoples of the northern European region from the 3rd to the 18th century.

    But as you can already imagine, it is certainly not a simple alphabet like the one used to write this article. Viking runes have a somewhat deeper, if not mystical meaning. Let's take a closer look.

    viking rune tattoo -2


    What is the meaning of the viking rune tattoo?

    Among the Vikings, the runes were a system of signs intended for communication. It is clear that they have many acquaintances with magic, precisely, Nordic mythology teaches us, that which comes from the goddess Freyja.

    viking rune tattoo -3


    Besides, doesn't the word “rune” mean “secret and mystery”? And isn't that one of the reasons why Vikings very regularly adorn their weapons with runic inscriptions ? Even today, we find magnificent runic inscriptions on jewelry.

    More than a simple alphabet, the runes were used to contact the gods or more precisely to invoke them in order to seek their help. The Vikings could thus anticipate battles in order to ensure the safety of their peoples and their families. It was a way to find answers to questions of the past, the present or the near or distant future.

    viking rune tattoo -4


    So you're talking about the meaning of the Viking runes? We will talk about a love that leads to resorting to the prediction of the future and which expresses a clear desire to protect not only his family and his clan , but also the community.

    What location for my viking rune tattoo?

    As we have previously indicated, runes as well as Viking tree of life tattoos and Viking triangle tattoos are among the Viking symbols most often present in Viking tattoos. Whether on a Yggdrasil, in the triangles of a Valknut , in the body of an Ouroboros, on Thor's hammer, on a Viking ax or bracelet, on a Celtic cross or knot, there are always the place to inscribe runes.

    viking rune tattoo -5


    Also, any body location will do. The only downside with runic integrations is that in the presence of other symbols, the runes are sometimes not seen to live up to their aesthetic or mystical value.

    So, for those who have a special love for the mysterious nature of runes and would like to highlight it in their tattoo , you can only choose to tattoo runes on your body. In this case, the arms, thighs and legs are the most suitable location, although one can also get tattoos of thoughtful designs on the skull, around the neck or hip, etc.

    viking rune tattoo -6


    For more ideas, you could take a look at viking-oriented Instagram profiles like the one from harbardart. There is an impressive number of beautiful designs that could give you an idea of ​​the most suitable body locations for a viking rune tattoo.

    Some pictures of viking rune tattoo

    viking rune tattoo


    Viking rune tattoo -1

    @ pr0xypunk

    Viking rune tattoo -2

    @ mauryarenasart

    Viking rune tattoo -3


    Viking rune tattoo -4


    Viking rune tattoo 5


    Viking rune tattoo -6

    @ xx.astridmelody.xx

    Viking rune tattoo -7


    Viking rune tattoo -8


    Viking rune tattoo -9


    Viking rune tattoo -10


    Viking rune tattoo -11


    Viking rune tattoo -12


    Viking rune tattoo -13


    Viking rune tattoo -14


    Viking rune tattoo -15


    Viking rune tattoo -16


    Viking rune tattoo -17

    @ maniacs_ink_303

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