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  • viking wolf tattoo

    May 17, 2021 2 min read

    viking wolf tattoo

    You only have to skim through Norse mythology to realize that Odin's ravens and bears aren't the only animals that make up the catalog of Viking symbols. There is also the "wolf", that is to say the wolf, an animal to which the Vikings are particularly attached.

    viking wolf tattoo


    Many rune stones from the Viking civilization still prove this attachment since we see representations of the animal . So what is the meaning of the viking wolf tattoo?

    What is the meaning of the viking wolf tattoo?

    Embodiment of the forces of destruction and born of a giantess named Angroba (messenger of misfortune) and Loki (apostle of treachery and deceit), Fenrir was also brother of the goddess of the underworld and the serpent Jormungand.

    More interestingly, he was the biggest and most terrible of the wolves in Norse mythology. Better still, it was growing at a staggering rate. Huge and monstrous, he had become so big and powerful that even the Aesir gods who raised him in order to master him could no longer control him.

    viking wolf tattoo


    It was necessary that, thanks to a ruse orchestrated by the disarmed gods , the dwarves of Svartalfheim made a special chain to subdue Fenrir who did not fail, in passing, to bite and swallow the hand of the god Tyr. Aided by his rage and indescribable strength, he eventually escaped and, running through the world, devoured everything in his path, including the god Odin who was avenged by one of his sons Vidar who killed Fenrir.

    But the Viking wolf does not only symbolize negative ferocity. If he has become a powerful symbol in Norse mythology, he must undoubtedly have some qualities. Independent and loyal , Fenrir had a savage strength. Separated from his family shortly after his birth, he held family values ​​in high esteem and harbored a burning desire to free himself.

    viking wolf tattoo


    So what would a Viking wolf tattoo on your body mean? Strength and power, loyalty and desire for freedom and independence. Those who feel rejected by society can also tattoo themselves with this Celtic symbol to express their outcast status.

    What location for my viking wolf tattoo?

    Want to get a Viking wolf tattoo? Whether you are a woman or a man, you can afford this pleasure . Depending on your preferences, you will have the option of opting for a visible tattoo or a hidden tattoo. The tattoos on the hand, on the wrist, on the arm and on the forearm are the most "audible", that is to say the most visible, unlike the Viking tattoo on the back.

    viking wolf tattoo


    If you have a more or less discreet personality, you can choose to have your Viking ax tattoo or other Viking tattoos on the thigh , neck, ankle or even on the chest.

    You also have the possibility of getting several hidden tattoos that will reveal themselves in turn depending on the clothes you wear. Obviously, the size and price of the tattoo will also tend to impose a location on the body. So, it's up to you.

    Other Viking Wolf Tattoo Inspirations

    viking wolf tattoo


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