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  • viking back tattoo

    May 17, 2021 3 min read

    viking back tattoo

    You have already had one or a few tattoos done. Maybe you don't even have a tattoo at all. Either way, you've decided to add a touch of design to your body and have chosen to delve into Norse mythology and Viking-specific symbols.

    The only downside is that the multitude of symbols is such that you are spoiled for choice.

    First of all, let us see the meaning of back tattoos and then see what are the best Viking tattoos for back.

    viking tattoo on the back


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    Which Viking symbol to get tattooed on the back?

    The back is the shadow of consciousness. It is the voice of intuition . The choice of this location is motivated by the need to express oneself and communicate a message to those around them.

    That said, the main advantage this body part offers is its width. Back tattoos can take up part or all of the space on the back. You can make a huge Viking tattoo for men or a Viking tattoo for women that can even spill over the neck or shoulder. 

    viking back tattoo


    In some cases, certain specific parts of the back , such as the shoulder blade, the lower back, etc., can be chosen, for more or less discreet mystical symbols.

    Either way, the Viking symbols that can be tattooed on the back include:

    • symbols of war;
    • sea ​​symbols;
    • mystical symbols;
    • animal symbols;
    • and many others.

    viking back tattoo


    Obviously, to make better use of the available drawing space , we will rarely content ourselves with a single pattern or a single symbol.

    Depending on the message that we want to express, we will often tend to use two, three, four types of symbols , or even more, as long as they are chosen and produced with care and professionalism and express a coherent message. 

    viking back tattoo -1


    viking tattoos on the back

    When it comes to tattooing, the back is one of the most tolerant locations. Among the Viking symbols most often tattooed on this part of the body, we distinguish the Yggdrasil or the tree of life, which Nordic mythology presents as now by its branches, its trunk and its roots the 9 worlds including the kingdom of the dead, fire, gods, snow, the kingdom of dark elves, giants, etc. 

    viking back tattoo


    You can also get a tattoo:

    • A Valknut, this triad of intertwined triangles symbolizes the passage to the liberation of the soul, and the freedom from death.
    • The Vegvisir, this sacred compass derived from ancient runic magic and endowed with the power to orient and protect against bad luck.
    • The Mjölnir, the magic hammer belonging to Thor.
    • Runes, considered as a means of concretizing ideas and serving to invoke the gods.
    • Two battle axes, which represent power and a warning against attempts at subjugation.
    • Odin's crows, symbols of wisdom and knowledge.
    • The anchor, symbol of balance and patience.
    • The dragon, symbol of fury and fire.
    • The Aegishjalmur, or helmet of fear, symbol of protection and invincibility.
    • Etc.

    Usually, fans get lots of designs tattooed on their backs . You can therefore choose the patterns that seem complementary to create a unique visual that is unique to you.

    Other Viking Back Tattoo Inspirations

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