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  • Valhalla Tattoo: Examples And Meaning

    September 27, 2021 4 min read

    Valhalla Tattoo

    The Viking people gathered warriors from the Scandinavian countries, brave warriors who sought to expand their territory. Although Viking culture dates back centuries, many people still follow the precepts of Norse legends, especially in Scandinavian countries.

    To show their faith and love of Viking culture, fans get tattoos of Viking symbols or characters from their legends.

    Some have the Valhalla tattoo, we will see this tattoo in particular in the following lines.


    Did the Vikings have tattoos?

    Courageous warriors, explorers of the seas and looters of treasures, Viking men fascinate as much by their mystical history as by their mysterious legends. Representing vigor and ardor, the Vikings conglomerated the Nordic and Germanic peoples who remained pagan in their beliefs and faith. After observing their different representations in history, it turned out that the Vikings brandished many symbols which are today the favorite motifs of the followers of Viking-inspired tattoos.

    Valhalla Odin tattoo on shoulder


    According to history, Viking warriors also had tattoos, and they were covered in them from their fingertips to their necks. The Vikings were people whose courage was so great that they engraved tattoos on their bodies to show it. Their tattoos were made up of Norse symbols, Norse gods, and characters from their legends that revealed meaning to their people.

    Valknut tattoo on shoulder


    They also wore tattoos of ancient Norse symbols, different knot patterns or symbols of mysterious trees and monsters.

    What exactly is Valhalla depicted in tattoos?

    Etymologically, Valhalla comes from the Norse word "Valhǫll" which is divided into two very distinct roots, including "valr", indicating the valiant warriors who died in battle, and "hǫll", which means "hall". According to the notes of the famous Edda of Snorri, the second root "hǫll" can also be translated as "the palace". Valhalla also called Valhalle is an important place in Scandinavian mythology. Legend has it that this is the place where the brave warriors who died on the battlefield are sent after their death.

    Valhalla tattoo on the leg


    These warriors who fought bravely are selected by the legendary Valkyries, the warrior virgins of Odin, to be brought to Valhalla, the paradise of the Vikings. In this new afterlife, Odin himself will prepare these warriors for the final battle: Ragnarök. The brave warriors who join Valhalla are called "Einherjar" which means "those who constitute an army" or "those who fight alone". Ragnarök, in Norse mythology, is the end of the world or the destruction of what exists.

    Valhalla and fenrir tattoo


    It is said that when the wolf Fenrir breaks free from its chains, and the serpent Jörmungand lets go of its tail, they will trigger Ragnarök. And when that time comes, a thousand Einherjar will come out of every gate of Valhalla.

    How is the Valhalla of Viking mythology?

    Nordic legends give a more or less exact description of this Viking paradise.

    Valhalla tattoo forearm


    They say that Valhalla is so high that it is impossible to see the top, and apparently its roof is covered with golden shields shining with a thousand lights. The Valhalla has six hundred and forty gates, one of which is surmounted by the great sacred tower called "Hliðskjálf". The inhabitants of Valhalle are of course the Einherjar who live under the protection and authority of the ruler of Asgard, the god Odin. The legend also says that Odin lived in the hall, accompanied by his two wolves Geri and Freki as well as his two crows Hugin and Munin.

    odin and wolf

    @viking blog

    Divided into its six hundred and forty gates, the Vikings' paradise would therefore contain six hundred and fourteen thousand four hundred brave warriors. These Einherjar feed on the flesh of the divine boar Sæhrímnir which was boiled daily by the great cook Andhrímnir in the sacred Eldhrímnir cauldron. This boar therefore came back to life every night to be eaten by the warriors the following day.

    Why get a Valhalla tattoo?

    Thanks, among other things, to the success of television series about the famous Vikings, interest in the Nordic people and Norse mythology has exploded in recent years.

    Valhalla Odin and crows tattoo


    A notoriety that has been very advantageous for the tattoo sector, since Viking symbols have become very fashionable, and today, Viking tattoos are at the height of the world trend. Thus, both for a question of aesthetics and for a reason of meaning, Nordic tattoos are to this day among the most requested themes.

    Valhalla Ragnar Tattoo

    @Alo Loco, London tattoo

    Valhalla Tattoo With Odin


    At the moment, more and more people are carving a Valhalla tattoo on their body to symbolize their courage and to show that they are warriors. Mostly visible on men, Viking tattoos, especially the Valhalla tattoo, also appeal to women. Especially to those who want to wear a powerful tattoo, full of history and mysterious legends.

    Valhalla Tattoo Face of Odin


    Well yes, it is difficult to be a brave Viking warrior, but you can become one by starting with a tattoo that symbolizes it. Of course, there are still plenty of other Viking tattoos to discover, because Norse legends are rich in symbols. But that's a whole different story.

    Viking, drakkar and raven tattoo


    Vegvisir and odin tattoo

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