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  • viking raven tattoo

    May 17, 2021 2 min read

    viking raven tattoo

    Norse culture is full of symbols represented by objects relating to war, navigation, spirituality and animals, such as the crow.

    Everyone has an idea of ​​ravens, those faithful advisers and servants of the god Odin: messengers of death, symbols of curse, etc. But what is it really? What did these birds represent in Norse mythology? What symbolism did they carry for the Vikings?

    viking raven tattoo -1


    What is the meaning of the viking raven tattoo today? On which part of the body can you ideally tattoo a Viking raven? Answers.

    Meaning of Viking Raven Tattoo

    In Norse mythology, the god Odin had two crows named Hugin and Munin, which represented his eyes and ears . These birds went around the world and then came back to perch on the shoulder of the god Odin and tell him what they had seen and heard.


    They were therefore highly respected by most Vikings, because Odin, their main god, used them as purveyors of secrets, to inform himself of everything that was happening around the planet.

    They sent them to fly over battlefields to gather information on the efforts of warriors who had perished . Perched on the man's shoulder, they are seen as agents who show the way and help in making difficult decisions.

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    The crow is also associated with fidelity, loyalty and many positive meanings including memory, intelligence, wisdom, protection, future, prophecy, inner self, etc.

    Although few talk about it, this dark bird is very difficult to deceive, to catch, to trap. With his remarkable intelligence, he knows how to get out of complex situations without firing a shot. The sordid reputation attached to these birds comes from the fact that they fed, among other things, on the flesh of the corpses of soldiers killed and abandoned on the battlefields.

    viking raven tattoo -4


    This necrophagy has therefore earned them to be associated with death, destruction , darkness, pain, misery, but also black magic. This is also why raven tattoos are very often black.

    What location for my viking raven tattoo?

    The raven (raven) tattoo can be painted in various ways, including with a skull, with blood, etc. The bird can also be evoked by patterns such as a feather of the bird for example and the tattoo artists can realize it under various angles according to their experience of the art.

    viking raven tattoo -5


    In any case, the placement of a raven tattoo or a viking wolf tattoo on the body depends on the scope of the tattoo design. If it is an evocative feather or the head of the bird, the tattoo can be done on the wrist , in the neck, on the skull, on the foot, in the palm, on the hand, etc. .

    On the other hand, to achieve a larger and more complex raven pattern as when it is associated with other Celtic symbols such as the Viking compass tattoo , it will be necessary to choose locations such as the calf, the back, the flank, the torso, the shoulder, arm, etc.

    Set of viking raven tattoo pictures


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