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  • Woman Viking Tattoo Examples And Meaning

    September 21, 2021 4 min read

    Woman Viking Tattoo Examples And Meaning

    If you are looking for a more artistic and unique tattoo, the Viking tattoo is one of them. When we talk about the Vikings, we sometimes refer to particular characters who experience a culture that comes from a Norse mythology.

    Apart from their quite brutal features, their tattoos are very fascinating and legendary. Having very deep meanings, these tattoos have become very fashionable for some time and especially after the release of the "vikings" series. Apart from men, women can also benefit from it. But before choosing, you have to know the different types of tattoos to be filled and their meaning.

    Relationship between Viking tattoos and women

    In the world of legends and myths, men's tattoos are diverse. Regarding the patterns, they have a wide choice. They can choose Vegvisir, Valknut, Thor's Hammer, Yggdrasil or Viking Ax tattoos.

    Viking Woman Tree of Life Tattoo

    @Next Luxury

    In Celtic culture, women hardly wore tattoos, even though there is no law against it. At least, that remained in the story. But these days, women are not left out. Many of them appreciate the Viking tattoo. Especially for those who want a tattoo filled with history and mystery. As these tattoos are powerful, they too want to inherit their mysterious powers.

    Viking Woman Arm and Shoulder Tattoo


    However, for women, the pattern is a bit different. Their pattern is inspired by their femininity and personality. And in general, these symbols are quite discreet. Sometimes they can refer to runes, the Valkyrie or the image of skjaldmö. In most cases, some tattoos for men can fit women.

    Viking woman tattoo: different symbols and their meanings

    Viking Woman Chest Tattoo


    The Vikings are known as exceptional warriors, explorers of the seas and fierce raiders. Their stories are filled with mystery and mystical things. Viking tattoos have gained an important place in the current fashion world. They inspire strength and impetuosity. They also had many symbols. Approved by followers of Viking tattoos, these patterns have become very common. Among the multitudes of power symbols, it's time for women to discover some of the most used examples and their meanings.

    The Helm of Awe

    Viking Woman Shoulder Tattoo


    A symbol of strength and invincibility and a sign of the invincible warrior. This symbol stands out from the others by its design which consists of a circle and eight arms representing the eight runes of Algiz. The Vikings wore this tattoo on their foreheads in order to terrify their enemies.

    The Vegvisir

    Viking Woman Back Tattoo


    It represents a compass of guidance. Used by the Vikings as a compass during their explorations at sea, it is a symbol of guidance and protection. This model is suitable for women fans of ink.

    Odin's Ravens

    Viking tattoo woman upper chest


    This is the symbol of death. There are two famous crows of the god Odin: Hugin (“thought”) and Munin (“memory”). This symbol is very appreciated by women as much as by men.

    Ragnar Lodbrok

    Viking Woman Tattoo on Arm

    @Tattoo Awards

    A semi-legendary king, this character represents an unparalleled warrior. He is also known as a plunderer during the period of the Christian saints. If a woman wants to manifest herself quite aggressively, this is the tattoo design for her.

    The fenir wolf

    Viking Woman Forearm Tattoo


    He is the son of Loki, a prankster god. It depicts a gigantic wolf with considerable strength. The latter embodies not only independence, but also freedom. An ideal tattoo for freedom-loving women.

    The valknut

    Viking tattoo woman forearm tree of life


    Very famous, it is a tattoo made up of three intertwined triangles with the point upwards. Its meaning is very important for the Vikings. Indeed, it symbolizes the journey of the brave and valiant Vikings who died in battle on the road to Valhalla. The Valknut therefore represents the bravery and honor of the warriors welcomed by Odin. Notice to women who love these characters!


    Viking Woman Wrist Tattoo


    Very common, runic writings are present and visible on all Viking symbols and objects. For the uninitiated, it is a very old alphabet that is used only to communicate with the gods. Thanks to these runes, they ask the gods for help and ask them about their concerns. A woman can tattoo her name in the form of runic scriptures.

    What is the ideal location for a viking tattoo for women?

    There is no specific location to get a Viking symbol tattoo. But this criterion remains very important. In general, women who have Viking tattoos tend to get tattoos on their neck, hand, arm and forearm, fingers, thighs, chest and even on their back.

    Viking Woman Tattoo on Arm


    It also happens for some women to choose more intimate locations (on the breasts, between the breasts, below the breasts, on a buttock or even on the pubis). The choice is completely personal. In addition, this depends above all on the desired visibility. For example, if you like all audiences to see your tattoo, you can choose to have it on the arm, on the hand, on the neck. But for more discretion, tattooing on the back remains suitable. This choice also varies according to the situation and the environment of the wearer, without forgetting the feeling and the impacted visual desired.

    Viking Woman Thigh Tattoo


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