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  • Fenrir Tattoo

    September 17, 2021 2 min read

    Fenrir Tattoo

    The Wolf Fenrir is the most gigantic being in Norse mythology. We pronounce “FEN-rir”. It appears in several rune stones. The Vikings find him important because of his strength.

    Fenrir tattoo: Meaning and 100 examples 

    Fenrir Tattoo


    Fenrir is a symbol of strength, loyalty and protection. Fenrir is the son of Loki and Angrboda, a giantess. He has a brother whose name is Jormungandr, the Midgard Serpent, and also a sister who is called Hel. He is raised by the gods. The god Tyr fell in love with this wolf. Its size is incredible, which worries the gods. This wolf evokes destructive forces. He would bite anyone who attacked him. Then he gets a sword stuck in his face. Since then, the wolf has been dripping slime, which has created the river Van (hope) and the river Vil (will).

    Fenrir Forearm Tattoo


    Apart from his aggressiveness, he has many qualities: his energy, his autonomy, his honesty. He is completely attached to his family, despite their separation. Fenrir desires to live the life he wants, to be free from the gods.

    Fenrir Shoulder Tattoo


    Fenrir is the most monstrous and dangerous creature of all. He is trapped by his masters, because he is too dangerous. The gods choose to tie him with a large chain, the wolf quickly breaks it.

    Fenrir tattoo on forearm


    But then the dwarves of Svartalfheim made a very special chain called "Gleipnir" to bind him. This Gleipnir consists of six elements (the sound of a cat's step, the mustache of a woman, the saliva of a bird, the breath of a fish, the roots of the mountains, the tendons of a bear), it is as smooth and soft as a ribbon, solidity and immeasurable strength. The wolf agrees to be tied, provided that a hand remains in its mouth.

    Fenrir arm tattoo for men


    No one dares to sacrifice himself, except the god Tyr. He remained chained until the dawn of Ragnarok. On the day of Ragnarok, he breaks free and destroys everything in his path. In this way he killed and swallowed Odin. Odin's son takes revenge and kills Fenrir.

    Fenrir Shoulder Tattoo

    @All Things Heathen

    Fenrir's murders in Norse mythology are untold. Its appearance announces a danger, even for the gods. Nevertheless, Fenrir's story does not sincerely indicate his nature.

    Fenrir tattoo back

    @winziges Tattoo

    That of a wounded animal, misunderstood and betrayed by the fear it generates. He is the most famous wolf in Norse legends, because of his direct connection to Ragnarok: an event that makes Scandinavian mythology quite strange from other mythologies, the end of the gods. Fenrir is the most feared creature in Celtic fables. Moreover, the legendary wolf Fenrir is embodied by a character in the cartoon Saint seiya, the divine warrior of Asgard. Other sources, in Harry Potter there is also a werewolf named Fenrir.

    Color Fenrir Tattoo


    The Fenrir tattoo, anyone can put it, whether it's a man or a woman . We also find this symbol on clothes, others do it on bracelets, rings and necklaces. The Fenrir symbol can also be used as a decoration of a wall. It can be seen in an art exhibition.

    Fenrir and odin tattoo


    Fenrir tattoo and runes on hand

    @Bad Skull Company

    Fenrir Forearm Tattoo


    Fenrir arm tattoo for men


    Fenrir and vegvisir tattoo


    Fenrir shoulder and raven tattoo

    @Dominik Molnar

    Fenrir shoulder tattoo for men


    Fenrir and vegvisir tattoo on shoulder


    Fenrir tattoo all over arm

    @Iv Tsark

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