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  • Odin Tattoo

    September 17, 2021 3 min read

    Odin Tattoo

    Odin or Wodan, this character is also known as the god of death and the god of war. He is the capital god of Norse mythology. His two crows certainly evoke his eyes and ears. They denote wisdom and knowledge.

    Odin tattoo: meaning and 100 examples

    Odin really exists in Germanic mythology. In Old English it is called Woden, Wodan in Old Saxon and Wotan or Gaut in Old High German. Its proto-Germanic name is Wodanaz. The root of this name refers to Od, which means "fury", with spirit and poetry, of which the German word Wut and the Dutch woede have the same meaning, fury. He is the symbol of strength.

    Odin tattoo for men

    @Norse Spirit

    Odin is the god of death, knowledge and victory. He is esteemed as the master of magic, prophecy, poetry, hunting and warfare. It is also considered as the member capital of the Ases.

    Odin shoulder tattoo for men

    Odin is gifted with a talent, he is able to assemble poems among which he manifests himself. Odin's agreements with death were considered to be more essential than his agreements with war. Odin protects Valhalla, the most fascinating of the houses of the dead.

    Odin and raven tattoo

    When Odin created the world, he was with his brothers, named Vili and Ve. They were the sons of the huge Bestla and the god Bor. He is married to the goddess Frigg, with whom they had two sons, named Baldr and Hod. Odin had often gone to Jotunheim, the land of giantesses with their beauty. It was there that he had his other sons: Thor with the giantess Fjorgyn, Vali with the giantess Rind, and Vidar with the giantess Grid.

    Odin Shoulder Tattoo


    Odin could transform into an animal or a human, like Loki. He discusses in riddles and also in sentences. With just one word, he could blow out the flames of a fire or calm the waves of the sea. Odin can perceive the past and presage the future of everyone.

    Odin shoulder tattoo for men


    In Norse mythology, Odin has several symbols in his favor. Like the Valknut emblem, Odin's ravens, Odin's horn, Gungnir and the Celtic cross.

    Odin forearm tattoo


    In Scandinavian mythology, the god Odin had two crows, called Hugin and Munin. Their names mean thinking and memory. Every day, these crows flew and observed around the planet to report to the gods what they saw and heard. The raven was displayed on some Scandinavian coats of arms, on the sails of longships and on Viking ships. In Sweden, crows evoke the ghosts of people killed, while in Germany they represent the souls of the damned. Like all crows, they feed on abandoned human flesh. In Celtic mythology, ravens were tuned to the fields of war and told Odin of the plans of his enemies.

    Odin and raven tattoo on arm


    Odin has a Viking symbol named Odin's Horn. It is a sacred Norse emblem that consists of three intertwined drinking horns. These three horns represent the three drafts of magical mead. The drink "Blood of Kvasir" is in these horns. It is a drink that is the origin of mead. Poetry maintains its power in this drink.

    Imposing Odin tattoo

    The Odin tattoo is a gigantic tattoo which is therefore placed on a large part of the body. For example: on the arm, on the forearm, on the legs, on the back or on the chest. As a tattoo motif, Odin represents death, healing, knowledge, and royalty. It can also be printed on t-shirts or other objects.

    Odin tattoo with ravens


    Odin tattoo on the whole arm


    Odin tattoo on chest


    Odin and vegvisir tattoo on arm


    Odin and runes tattoo on the arm


    Odin and raven tattoo on the whole arm


    Odin tattoo on the whole arm for men


    Odin tattoo with helmet @Outsons

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