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  • viking bear tattoo

    May 17, 2021 2 min read

    viking bear tattoo

    From Valknut and Vegvisir to Odin's ravens and Thor's hammer, Viking symbols are just as intriguing and mysterious as the next.

    But since they often evoke high values ​​and deep realities, more and more people are getting these symbols tattooed to mark their personality and convey a message to those around them. Among the strongest symbols of Norse mythology, the Viking people attributed special value to the bear. Here's why.

    viking bear tattoo


    What is the meaning of the viking bear tattoo?

    While the bear is viewed from different angles in different cultures, the Vikings saw it as a symbol of war and ferocity, power and boldness. Deeply rooted in Norse mythology, this animal could indeed, on a battlefield, scare away the most valiant of warriors.

    viking bear tattoo -2


    Some warriors therefore did not hesitate to put on bearskin clothing as a means of intimidating their opponents. The animal's teeth could even be used to make destructive weapons. And this is understandable when you consider the physical appearance of the Viking bear and its nature.

    The bear is a particularly massive and stocky animal. With a well-honed sense of smell, this corpulence makes it capable of facing all types of adversity . For the Vikings, such strength could only come from the gods. The bear therefore had a certain dimension of divinity in Celtic culture. He was sometimes placed on the same pedestal as the gods Thor, Odin, etc.

    viking bear tattoo -3



    Alongside his brute strength and ferocity, this hulking quadruped has a surprisingly calm and quiet side. We see this in cartoons and in stuffed animals ( Teddy Bears ) for children, for example, where the Viking bear symbolizes tenderness, patience, protection, gentleness and assurance.

    In view of all this, it is clear that a Viking bear tattooed on the skin brings out both strength of character and a gentleness that inspires an unshakeable tranquility. Thus, certain bears can be represented in attack posture, the open mouth, the ferocity full with the eyes , the fangs and the claws ready to tear the adversary.

    Others, on the other hand, can be represented with a closed mouth , a calm and assured air, a deep and soothing gaze. The meaning of a viking bear tattoo, a viking raven tattoo or a viking wolf tattoo can therefore vary depending on the combination of shapes, postures and colors of the animal.

    viking bear tattoo -4


    What location for my viking bear tattoo?

    To make a Viking bear tattoo , the most frequently chosen locations are the shoulder, the back, the torso, the arm, the calf. However, you can also opt for the wrist and the skull, when you simply want to get a tattoo of the animal's head, its claws or even half of its body in a small format.

    In other words, the width of the body area chosen to place the tattoo will determine the pattern and the look that will be given to the tattoo. Thus, the entire animal can be easily tattooed if the chosen body area is large enough.

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