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  • Valknut Tattoo

    September 27, 2021 2 min read

    Valknut Tattoo

    The Valknut tattoo is known as "Odin's knots" after the god of death. The Valknut tattoo or the knot of death is chosen by those who love myths and stories. This motif is represented by three intersecting triangles. We find this tattoo on several funeral stones from the Viking period.

    Calf Valknut Tattoo


    Valknut tattoo: meanings and examples

    Due to its age, the real name of this tattoo is not known. It is an ancient symbol from Viking mythology that has various meanings. This designation comes from the term "Valr" which means "Fallen Soldier" and "Knut", which means the knot. Writers also attribute to him as a figure of power and freedom. The word Valknut comes from Norwegian, since it is unproven in Old Norse. The val has several meanings which could be based on the Indo-European meaning wald, invoking power, government. From the Latin “valor”, our present value, as in the Breton Celtic Thule.

    Calf Valknut Tattoo


    The Valknut tattoo is immediately connected with death, because when this emblem was depicted or symbolized, it was in a place associated with death or a battle. The death knot is also linked to the giant Hrungnir of Norse mythology, a legendary image slain by Odin's son, Thor, with his hammer named Mjollnir.

    Valknut arm tattoo


    The Valknut is made up of three intersecting triangles which signify the roots of Yggdrasil, the tree of life. These triangles present the 9 worlds of the Norse religion, called Asatru: Midgard, Asgard, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Muspelheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim and Hel. The design of this Valknut tattoo has an immense figuration in the asatru badge of the dead slain in battle and becoming heroes. It has a huge place in a religion where the ritual of elders is very essential.

    Valknut Shoulder Tattoo


    Forearm Valknut Tattoo


    The Valknut appears to have a personal affair with Odin, the god of war. At the time of battle, he knocks down opponents. The latter are welcomed to Valhalla. Among the Vikings, when a soldier warrior dies in battle, he believes he is transported to Valhalla.

    Valknut and Odin tattoo


    The Valknut tattoo done by the god Odin unites the three standards, Urd, the past, Verdandi, the present and Skuld, the future, the Goddesses of destiny. The Valknut is at the same time the symbol of travel, protection and respect. The number three also represents the three sacred classes: body, speech and mind. Finally, the three is also common in Scandinavian mythology.

    Valknut Shoulder Tattoo


    It is possible to choose any part of the body to place the tattoo. Thus, it is frequently found on the neck, wrists, hands, ribs, chest, ankles or calves.

    Valknut wrist tattoo


    Valknut and tree of life tattoo


    The Valknut also comes in two geometrically different models. The unicursal, also visible on the triquetra and on the stone of Tangelgarda. The tricursal emblem, which can be seen on the stone of Stora Hammar I.

    Valknut and runes tattoo


    The Valknut emblem is also visible as a tattoo. It is a source of inspiration in the making of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces of all sizes, which can be suitable for both men and women .

    Valknut tattoo surrounded by runes


    Valknut Tattoo


    Valknut and fenrir wolf tattoo @raventattoo_26

    Valknut tattoo on and sword


    Valknut tattoo on the back


    Valknut tattoo and viking bear


    Valknut arm and eagle viking tattoo


    Forearm Valknut Tattoo


    Raven Valknut Tattoo


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