Vikings Season 5: Summary and streaming link

Here is the summary of season 5 of the series Vikings. The previous season was marked by the death of Ragnar. Now, the Vikings' life continues as well as the war they are fighting. This summary is divided into two parts. Before watching it, you can download it in streaming. Two free versions are available: in VF or in Vostfr (original version with French subtitles). It is also possible to watch each episode and to watch in replays, by selecting the official airing date.


The first part of season 5

Everyone has their sides...


Ivar wants to succeed to the rule of Kattegat by avenging the death of his mother. But his brothers oppose him. A civil war thus leads to the division of the Vikings. If Bjorn and Halfan move towards the Mediterranean, Floki has, on the other hand, arrived at a land he believes to be divine. At the same time, Lagertha keeps Herald in Kattegat. He suggests to her to give herself to him violently and to marry him, but she does not agree. Herald is released instead of Astrid and the ceremonies are interrupted after the York war.




Now comes the climax of the situation between the Vikings. There is the murder of Sigurd by his brother. Deciding to choose their own side, Ragnar's sons split up as a result. The Saxons prepare a battle strategy. On his side, Ivar elaborates his battle plan to put more tension on the Vikings' side. By the way, Bjorn arrives on a new territory and persuades the chief that his coming is very friendly, and the latter calms down.


A New World full of surprises



At the same time, Ivar manages to hit the army of Heahmund, a warrior bishop, during religious ceremonies. In the new territory, Bjorn is impressed, because he is welcomed honorably. He wants to offer support to the queen. Meanwhile, Floki returns from Kattegat and Lagertha's interests are threatened. And at the same time, Floki sets foot in a new territory where something else unexpected is revealed. On his part, Bjorn learns that a war against his mother is imminent. He knows that it is led by Harald, Ivar and Hvitserk and will manifest itself during the coming full moon. For his part, Ivar is forced to choose between two parties that have no advantage for him.


Visions and revelations...


In Kattegat, it only remains to wait for the signal to start the battle. Precipitated, the army of the heathens has difficulty to decide. Floki has to deal with the violent opposition of the settlers' opinions. At the end of the war, Lagertha makes escape the Christian with whom she is in love. At the same time, Eyvind provokes Floki and uses all means to destroy the latter's power. When everything comes true, the colony goes dark.




In Kattegat, the battle is progressing, but a feeling of a painful situation is being felt. While the defeated troops are leaving the place, a legendary militant is back, it is Rollo. For the record, it was he who created the serious disturbance in Kattegat. And Floki goes up against the Icelanders for revenge.


Second part of season 5

To the sanctuary of death until Ragnarok!


While Heahmund's honesty is being tested, Bjorn, Lagertha and Ubbe seem to be destined in an uncertain way. Floki joins the battle to know the decision of the deities in Iceland. Heahmund persuades King Alfred that he wants to defend the crown. In turn, Ubbe and Torvi want to make the Vikings more powerful, but their warriors do not seem to agree with their plan. The celebrations for Ivar continue, as a man from the colony dies in Iceland. And Floki is faced with a crucial decision.



Later, Herald's troops continue to advance toward Wessex. An attack is opposed by King Alfred. Bishop Heahmund is aware that he is responsible for a fault, by entering the battle and the Vikings are in conflict with the Saxons. Thanks to Bjorn, one of Ragnar's desires has just become real.

In Kattegat, Ivar is preparing a new strategy. But in Iceland, a member of the colony has come with a very unpleasant condition. As a result, King Alfred is more threatened than ever. At York, Bjorn has to complete an agreement with Harald while the Vikings intimidate Wessex again. While Hvitserk is severely tested, Floki discovers something extraordinary. On his side, Ubbe starts talks with the kings of Denmark. But the talks may not be successful. In order to meet an old competitor, Bjorn goes to Scandinavia. A worldwide influence will then manifest itself.