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  • Introducing Heahmund in the Vikings Series

    February 14, 2020 3 min read

    Introducing Heahmund in the Vikings Series

    Heahmund and his famous sword often appear in Season 5 of the Vikings series. The Warrior Bishop caused a strong positive impression with his short debut. He stands out the most in the later episodes of Season 4. Much like his sword, Priest Heahmund is no ordinary.


    According to Michael Hirst, the creator of "Vikings", the character is synonymous with "seriously passionate commitment". Bishop Heahmund's main determination is to be a good opponent of Ivar, Hirst claimed. Heahmund represents both a religious maniac, a madman and a sinner. As he starkly demonstrated in Season 4, the Fighting Bishop is not like ordinary religious leaders.




    Possessing a deep faith and devotion to Christianity, and being a gifted warrior who loves drink and women, his idiosyncrasies make him a complex character in the series. As a churchman, Heahmund was classically educated and very bright. He assisted King Aethelwulf and Ivar in their battle strategies. He is extremely fierce towards pagans.

    Heahmund in vikings



    Ivar who is impressed by the bishop's skill in the art of war decided to offer him his horse after his horse died in battle. Hirst said Heahmund is attracted to women and when he sins he punishes himself.


    Bishop Heahmund, in the company of his men, goes to King Ecbert 's villa and finds his body. They celebrate the funeral of the deceased sovereign and begin to rebuild the place. For his part, King Aethelwulf allies himself with Bishop Heahmund.

    Heahmund season 5



    The two men lead the Saxons to attack York, but in the end they are trapped. Aetherlred, the son of Aethelwulf , is wounded and the Saxons are forced to retreat.

    Heahmund fights



    One day, Ubbe and Hvitserk offer peace upon arriving at their camp. Aethelwulf seems to agree to their offer, but Heahmund manages to make the brothers scoff by revealing to them that he can speak Old Norse. Northumbrian men led by Manuel, Judith's cousin, join the Saxons. They kill there in large numbers and blockade the city. Later, Heahmund and Aethelwulf see the smoke from the fires and advance into the presumably deserted town.

    Heahmund his story



    Saxon celebrations are cut short when the Vikings engage in battle. Heahmund is surrounded and captured. The Vikings reclaim the city and garrison it while watching the Saxons leaving the battle. Meanwhile, Hvitserk and Ivar head to Vestfold and take Heahmund with them. Arrived at Vestfold, Ivar explains to this bishop that he wants to fight with him and this last seems persuaded.

    Heahmund and Ivar



    Harold tries to convince Halfdan (his brother) to join him. At the end of the fight, Heahmund is unconscious and Ubbe prepares to execute him, although Lagertha lets him live. Lagertha and Heahmund engage in a philosophical discussion. After dark, Heahmund visits Lagertha again and the two end up making mad love. Later, Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ubbe are allowed to settle in East Anglia on the condition that they accept combat against further Viking invasions.

    Heahmund and lagertha



    Time passes and Heahmund begins to discreetly see Lagertha in her cabinet having an interminable bout of sex. Despite this, Cuthred's spies uncover the affair between Heahmund and Lagertha. The bishop thus assassinates Cuthred after this one threatens him to declare it to Alfred.

    heahmund love



    During the war against King Harald, Heahmund shows his remarkable fighting skills. He has shown that He is able to kill dozens of Scandinavian soldiers. However, he was shot in the back and in the chest with arrows and in the end Gunnhild finished him off.

    heahmund dead



    We notice that the term "ananyzapata" is engraved on the wrist of Heahmund. This would mean “the victory of Jesus Christ over death by dying on the cross”. This is an explanation made by Doctor Werner Karl in 1996.

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