Introducing Lagertha in the Vikings Series

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Introducing Lagertha in the Vikings Series

Lagertha is the famous Viking warrior with a strong character. She is one of the fan favorite characters. Her role in the television series Viking is interpreted by the famous Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick.


Lagertha, an extraordinary character

Lagertha in vikings



Lagertha's story was chronicled by Saxo Grammaticus columnist The Literate, dubbed "the grammarian". Saxon is a monk who has made extensive studies of Norse mythology. At the beginning of the 12th century, Saxon illustrated a legendary Viking woman in his work "Gesta Danorum", meaning "The deeds of the Danes". It is one of the oldest stories revealing the history of Estonia and Latvia.

According to the Gesta Danorum, Lagertha was a brave young girl, wielding her shield effectively. This warrior is Ragnar 's potential ally during his quest. She helped him in different battles, namely the fight against Fro, the king of Sweden. The latter conquered Norway and killed King Siward. But the most tragic thing is that he put the corpses of the women of the king's family in a brothel. It's gratuitous nastiness aimed at humiliating the royal family. Faced with such humiliation, Ragnar, accompanied by Lagertha, wanted revenge for the death of King Siward, his grandfather.




In the series, this furious shieldmaiden was the wife of Ragnar Lothbrok for a time. She was a member of the court of Norwegian King Siward. This also explains his involvement in Ragnar's battle against King Fro.

The columnist Saxo mentioned in his book that Lagertha is a very gifted and strong-willed Amazon. Even though she's a woman, she had the courage that most men don't have. It was part of the first assaults on the front line.


Lagertha and King Ragnar

Lagertha's courage blew everyone away, and even Ragnar was surprised. The latter even fell under his spell.

According to Saxon, the blond-haired young woman was not really in love with Ragnar originally. At the time, a guard dog and a large bear secured Lagertha's abode. These two ferocious beasts allowed him to sleep soundly. Unaware of their presence, Ragnar hoped to visit him. Suddenly, the two beasts attacked the King. Using his reflex, Ragnar threw a spear and killed the bear. Then he put his arms around the dog's neck and choked him to death.

Seeing this spectacular show, considered a heroic act of Ragnar, the shieldmaiden finally gave in.

lagertha and ragnar

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She accepted Ragnar's marriage proposal. They had three children, a boy and two girls.

A few years later, Ragnar decided to divorce Lagertha because of many reasons. She then married another man.

Even after their separation, Lagertha still helped the father of her children. After the war in Denmark, Ragnar fought yet another civil war and was in critical condition. Knowing the facts, Lagertha decided to support Ragnar by gathering an army of 120 ships. Without this army, King Vikings and his best friend Floki risk losing their lives.

Back in the war, she returned to her husband and killed him with a spearhead. She was teaching the art of wielding her weapon for a good cause.


Lagertha, the contemporary feminist reference

Lagertha a viking woman



In the television series, this Viking woman is one of Ragnar Lothbork's keys to success. She helped the latter to win the victory against the king of Sweden, Fro. She even pushed back the death ringing the doorbell of this king of the Vikings.

At the time, she was the only woman who played a major role in the Viking army. Thus, the guarantee of its success is audacity. His characters, his courage, his bravery inspired a large number of women. She has become a fan favorite character. Specifically, she's the feminist icon of the day. His fandom extends widely from that of Ragnar (Travis Fimmel).

lagertha wedding



Aside from her pride as a female Warrior, this Norwegian woman became the ruler of Kattegat in Season 5 of the Viking series. It reflects the image of King Odin of Asgard, encompassing the wisdom of a true leader.

However, the shield wielder embodies all the hallmarks of an inspirational woman. It inspires modern television series, if we only talk about “History Chanel”. In fact, her character influences many women of the 21st century, including actress Katheryn Winnick who plays her role. In this regard, it should be noted that the actress herself shared a valuable feminist message. She also supported the #TimesUp movement while adding tags on social networks. She even contributed to the Women's March.

As an 8th century Scandinavian woman, Lagertha represents feminism today. Even when patriarchy reigned in terror, she always remained a timeless feminist. Lagertha removed doubts about women and even challenged Ragnar's sons, especially Ivar the Boneless in Season 5.

The first time we saw this heroic woman in season 1, she honorably rejected the two men who wanted to rape her and her daughter Gyda. To defend herself, she took a sword while threatening the rapists. Then the thugs fled to save themselves.

warrior lagertha

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Season 2 of the series displays the pride of a strong woman coming out of a romantic relationship. Queen Lagertha spoke the word "Thank you" with dignity towards her husband Ragnar. Then she took her son Bjorn with her.

One of the lessons to learn from Lagertha is to always keep a positive mind. We must not lower our arms against oppression. This is why Lagertha did not hesitate to stab her husband. She then dated many men like Rollo, Sigvard, Kalf, Echbert, Astrid, and even Christian Bishop Heahmund. Unfortunately, the road to marital bliss turns out to be difficult.

For information, the new Viking series entitled “Valhalla” will again display the influence of women in the Viking universe. Don't miss its release in 2022.

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