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  • Ragnar Lothbrok : History And Overview

    April 09, 2019 5 min read

    Ragnar Lothbrok : History And Overview

    Many and various people have told the story of Ragnar, 350 years after his death, it seems. Among them are the Scalds of Iceland, the Norse peoples and the rulers (Guthrum or Cnut the Great). The latter claim the existence of a descent from Ragnar, the elusive hero.

    If you believe in Norse culture, Ragnar Lothbrok descends from a royal line. In particular, it is the son of King Sigurd Hring. As an adult, he had three spouses. One of these wives is none other than the famous warrior and mythical queen “ Aslaug ”. Ragnar and his wife had many children, but the most renowned and influential are: Ivar the Boneless , Sigurd Snakeeye and Bjorn Ironside .


    Ragnar Lothbrok longship

    @Stephane Foraste

    With his two longships, Ragnar Lothbrok made voyages across the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. His main aim is to conquer the throne of England. During his conquest, Ragnar was unfortunately defeated by the armies of the King of England. Thereafter, he was imprisoned in a pit full of snakes. And it was at this precise time and place that he made an announcement concerning the arrival of the Great Heathen Army. For the uninitiated, this is one of the most powerful armies in history with very formidable warriors.

    According to the story, there had been a great Viking invasion in 865. And the target would be Britain. The leader of this attack is none other than Ivar the Boneless, son of the notorious Ragnar Lothbrok . And if legend is to be believed, Ivar's tomb is currently in a mass grave in Repton.

    There is also a theory that reveals that Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons are just ordinary people like the rest who have achieved some truly amazing things. And like the other heroes, their story was told from generation to generation so that their feat was not in vain and that they were always remembered. Thanks to this, they became famous and divine characters. However, several researchers question their real existence.



    Ragnar Lothbrok vikings


    Historians and mythology experts have their own theory regarding the existence of Ragnar. Which has been creating some confusion lately.

    However, many stories admit that Ragnar really lived. But they find that the story of this legendary Viking warrior is so exaggerated. As a result, Ragnar Lothbrok became only an urban legend and a mythical character.

    Considering these stories and theories, one can conclude that Ragnar Lothbrok is definitely a warlord and the first Scandinavian who invaded Britain. There is less evidence that demonstrates that Ragnar never lived. Moreover, several Nordic sagas mention the existence of this warrior. Among the most outstanding works are The Saga of Ragnar Lothbrok and the Gesta Danorum. Know that the latter is one of the most illustrated works that perfectly describe the history of medieval Denmark.



    In the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, the name of “Ragnall” and “Reginherus” appeared in 840 AD. He is an attacking, powerful and prestigious Viking. You should know that Ragnar Lothbrok , "Ragnall" and "Reginherus" seem to be the same person. This is likely as the same case holds for Ivar the Boneless who himself was referred to as "Imár of Dublin" in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

    To clear your mind, 'Ragnar' is the warrior's name and 'Lothbrok' is his nickname, but not his surname. These denominations have experienced many variations in the myths of the time. For example, the meaning of the nickname "Lothbrok" ​​can be translated as "hairy breeches" or "shaggy breeches" in Old Norse. Also, the writing of his name varies very often. Ragnar's name can be written as "Regnar" or "Regner". As for his nickname, some write "Lodbrok", others write "Lodbrog".

    Ragnar is known as the legendary Viking hero. But the latter is also king of Denmark and Sweden. That's why he was called "Ragnar Sigurdsson". Moreover, this warrior seems to be the son of Sigurd Hring, Swedish king. FYI, Sigurd means the Ring.



    Ragnar Lothbrok battles



    In the early Middle Ages, Ragnar Lothbrok was a real calamity for England and France. Indeed, this Viking launched many attacks against the Anglican kingdoms of Northumbria, the kingdom of Wessex and the kingdom of West Francia. This war did not end until 845 (during the siege of Paris).

    If we refer to the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, Ragnar Lothbrok and his men made an expedition to the coasts of France and England. At the same time, he received land and a monastery from Charles the Bald. However, this warlord remains despicable. He betrayed the alliance and decided to storm the city of Paris by going up the Seine by sea. After a few years, Ragnar embarked on a cruise where he will set off to discover Ireland and the northwest coast of England.



    According to experts, Ragnar died during his expeditions along the Irish Sea. And it is likely that his death occurred between 852 and 856 AD. However, this remains to be proven.

    Ragnar Lothbrok dead



    But if we believe in the Myth, King Ragnar would have died in the arms of King Aelle in a pit filled with snakes. However, it is undeniable that the link between King Aelle and Ragnar Lodbrok is not fully founded. Truth be told, this scene never happened. But what is certain is that his relationship with his sons is really real.



    Ivar the Boneless, Hafdan Ragnarsson and Bjorn Ironside are sons of Ragnar and they are the protagonists of the story. Even though the Icelandic sagas doubt Ragnar's existence, we can't ignore a clear case: his sons were in the right places and the best times that fits well with historical facts. These sons themselves said they are descendants of Ragnar.

    Are these Viking fighters actually descendants of Ragnar Lothbrok or did they claim to be famous? Often Viking kings "adopt" standings like their son to rule after death. So Ragnar Lothbrok is sure to have an affair with Ivar the Boneless, Iron Bjorn, and Sigurd Snake Eye.
    What assures us is that the mission was accomplished by the sons of Ragnar. This had a lasting impact on Britain. They were taking revenge on their father's death. They invaded England, assassinated Thetford Edmond of East Anglia (Edmond the Maertyr) and surrounded the city of York in order to execute King Ælla. Ragnar's sons became famous heroes.

    All the Viking leaders wanted was glory, to guide fighters and to weaken their opponents. The glory of the Norse warlords and the legend of their exploits were so important to them. The authors invented each story so that they become superheroes. And Ragnar is the archetype.



    Ragnar Lothbrok and Ivar



    Vikings is a historical tragedy based on Norse actions and sagas. Ragnar Lothbrok had a brother named Rollo, the first Norse chief who lived in France and reigned until at least 928 AD. He was a character on the Norwegian Viking Ganges-Rolf. Rollo was born in 846 and died in 930, and is one of the ancestors of the current British royal family.

    Most notable to Ragnar and his friends was the attack in 793. This manifested itself at a monastery in Lindisfarne (present-day England) a tidal island off the northeast coast. This descent is considered as the beginning of the Viking era. In the 3rd season , Ragnar Lothbrok and his teams attacked Paris in 845 and 885.
    Ragnar is not a Christian, but he valued Athelstan very much as a human, but not a God.

    It is therefore possible that Ragnar exists according to Scandinavian traditions. Justin Pollard wrote that their Ragnar is the combination of the one in the chronicles that was scary, an attacking villain. He is also the hero of the story, a real human being behind the furious image and extraordinary metamorphosis.

    On YouTube, you will see the true story of Ragnar Lothbrok more precisely.

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