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  • Floki Vilgerðarson: History and Presentation

    December 19, 2019 3 min read

    Floki Vilgerðarson: History and Presentation

    Born in 830, Hrana-Floki Vilgeroarson is the son of Glamur and Vilgerd Höroa-Karadottir. He died in the 9th century in Iceland. He was a Norwegian, a Viking adventurer. He is known as the first Scandinavian who deliberately headed for the island Iceland.


    According to Landnamabok, Naddodd was the first to come to Iceland among the Vikings. The reason he came to this island was because he got lost on his way to a destination. Naddodd and his men chose to return to the Faroe Islands for the future. But as they returned to their boats, they saw snow falling. Thus, he baptized the new lands in Snowland (or land of snow).

    Garoar Svarsson, another viking, wanted to set off for Snowland to see what the new lands looked like. Arriving there, Garoar saw that it was an island. He spent the winter there before returning home. He named the island Garoasholm, which means “the island of Gardar”. The Island's history intrigued other Vikings and among them, Floki Vilgerdarson. He too left for the island. Although the Vikings did not yet have a magnetic compass to orient themselves, they are famous navigators.

    According to the legend, Floki used the birds to find the direction to follow. To do this, he took 3 crows and after asking for the blessing of the gods, he released these birds one by one. The first crow flew to the Faroe Islands while the second returned to the ship. As for the third, he headed northwest for good. Floki then followed this one to find the island and he was not mistaken.

    Later, Floki in the company of his men settled in the territory of Vatnsfjörour in Baroastrond. They spent a winter there. Floki and his crew were not preparing for the cold and harsh winter. Gathering eggs, fishing and hunting all summer, they no longer remembered the farm and the cattle. Subsequently, his cattle perished during the winter.

    One day, Floki climbed the highest mountain near his camp. He saw a fjord covered with pack ice in the spring. He then named the island Island.

    Floki Vilgerðarson


    After returning to Norway, he came back to Iceland saying it was worthless land. He settled there and remained there until his death.


    Floki had three sons, who were named Oddieff Staff, Trond Gata and Torlak Ravna — Flokenson. He also has a daughter named Flokisdottur Thjodgerd. Gro Gro Groa Bjornsdoittir is Floki 's only wife . We can therefore deduce that Helga in the Vikings series is a fictional character. Groa Bjornsdottir is considered the mother of the Sons of Floki.

    Floki in vikings


    However, she is recorded as mother-in-law of Flokisdottur Thjodgerd. So we have no information about Thojodgerd's mother.

    Ragnar and Floki probably didn't meet and that's because one died around 840 and the other was born around 830. It's very plausible that Ragnar was close to Floki as depicted in Vikings. For the same reason, it cannot be assumed that Floki fought for Lagertha or sailed towards the Mediterranean with Bjorn and Rollo.

    Speaking about his role in the Vikings series, producer Mr. Hirst said he didn't care about historical accuracy. Floki is believed to have been born in 830, while Ragnar, the main protagonist of the story, was said to have died around 840.

    Floki and Ragnar


    Consider Floki within popular culture. In the Viking series, the character named Floki is played by actor Gustaf Skarsgard. He is a Swede and brother to two other celebrities: Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman in the movie True Blood, and Bill Skarsgard who plays a role in Allegiant.

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