What does Viking makeup look like and how do you do it ?

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Viking makeup

All past glory, the Vikings, despite their impressive civilization, are considered shaggy, bloodthirsty, and above all dirty warriors. This vision is at odds with reality. Indeed, the Vikings gave an important place to hygiene and took care of their style of dress on a daily basis, because they feared to displease the gods.

Interesting detail, men and women used to wear makeup in very beautiful patterns to enhance their personality. Simple fashion or obligatory rite? In this article, let's take a look at Viking makeup and its meaning.

Why do Vikings wear makeup?

Travelers from the Middle East agree on one point: the Vikings in the camps visited had “strange eyes”. Far from being a malformation, this unusual, dark and impenetrable look was due to kohl. Made from ingredients like burnt almonds, lead, crushed antimony and chrysocolla, kohl is a black powder that Vikings coated the skin of their eyes to draw patterns.

Don't think the Vikings slathered kohl on their faces to hide flaws. Well-designed and fitted to the figure, kohl makeup greatly enhanced the seductiveness and charm of the wearer. Men and women used it to increase their sex appeal and increase their chances of finding partners in a society where sex was not taboo.

viking makeup


The wars of conquest in the Vikings series are a perfect opportunity to admire several makeup patterns , from the simplest to the most skimpy. For example, those of Floki or Lagertha do not fail to seduce us, with their straight and thick lines which embellish the face. However, far from the desire to please, artificial make-up allowed war to avoid sunburn and it also served as camouflage.

Any Viking worth their salt makes it a point to honor the gods, if they ever want to enter Valhalla. And that is why these warriors strive to preserve a spiritual and devout atmosphere conducive to their favors. Artificial make-up then takes on its full meaning, because it creates a mystical atmosphere by adorning the faces of the participants in these rituals. It is quite fascinating and impressive.

artificial makeup for women

Women's passion for make-up really does not date from today. In the past, Viking women regularly used kohl to enhance their facial features. Better than a foundation or an eyeliner, elegant and deep traces of this black powder were enough to accentuate the color of the eyes , or bring a touch of coquetry imbued with mystery.

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Like Lagertha, the shield warrior in Vikings , you can also use kohl to add a unique touch to your face. The easiest trick is to apply it to the contours of the eyes as you would for an eyeliner. Then, with an expert hand, make delicate strokes that run away from your eyes in a graphic trail like tears. Here you are, you have just made your first Viking make-up.

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Viking makeup for men

In ancient Egypt, the custom was to make up the Pharaoh, very often with antimony to halo his eyes . This non-isolated example proves that this field is not strictly reserved for women; this practice was also common among Viking men. Whether with kohl or red and white streaks, warriors made up to look fiercer, more bestial.

In men, the visual effect is quite successful and very attractive. An obvious reason to try this makeup on the occasion of a photo shoot or a Viking-themed fancy dress party. In addition, kohl makeup is easy to perform and versatile. It can be used to simply halo the eyes as well as to draw more complex symbols. Browse our catalog to find the best Viking makeup ideas for men.

viking face makeup

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What about the tattoo?

The Vikings, if we believe the stories of Ibn Fadlan, were great tattoo enthusiasts, not hesitating to cover themselves from head to toe. To do this, they used wood ash or tools made from wood or bone that they dipped in ink to carve patterns into their skin. Beyond the aesthetic rendering, these Viking tattoos also had a meaning.

If some models represented trees or animals, others, more complex, represented their weapons, their drakkars or tutelary deities. Each symbol was loaded with meaning . To realize this, one need only look particularly at Ragnar Lothbrok's Viking tattoos throughout the Vikings series. The arabesques in her neck and her face are unique only to great chefs.

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By now you know almost everything about Viking uses of makeup and tattoos. We cannot recommend our site highly enough: it is a reference for finding the Vikings products you need.

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