What are the best Viking-themed movies ?

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Have you ever heard of the Vikings? Maybe so, because their civilization is considered one of the most fascinating and organized of the past. The Vikings were powerful warriors who did not fear death and were passionate about conquest and treasure.

Their paradise, Valhalla, is a temple of rest for men who have proven their worth in battle and who feast in the company of the gods. If you want to know more about these men who are not a myth, discover in this article five Viking-themed films to watch at all costs.

The Vikings , by Richard Fleisher

During a raid in England, Ragnar, leader of the Vikings, assassinates the King of Northumbria and rapes his wife Enid who will give birth to Eric. As the crown deceives Aella, the queen drives her child away, fearing the cruelty of the new ruler. Years later, having become a Viking warrior, Eric, helped by Einar and Egbert, will do everything to recover his crown.

Released in 1958, this film is a real living history lesson on the customs and life of the Vikings, these beer-loving warriors. From ritual ceremonies with the local pythia to grand banquets animated by jokes and challenges, the immersion is brutal and unforgettable for the spectator. One of the best scenes in the film is the duel between Einar and Eric to decide who will marry the beautiful Princess Morgane.

The Vikings, by Richard Fleisher


The 13th Warrior , by John McTiernan

Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, former poet at the court of the Caliph of Baghdad, is sent to Asia Minor as an ambassador . During his journey, he meets Viking warriors who enlist him to help King Rothgar fight the Wendolls, human "eaters of death". Unable to wield a sword, the man of letters reluctantly agrees to become the 13th Warrior of this unusual army.

The 13th Warrior is a fresh and realistic look at Viking civilization . Intense and immersive, it makes you experience the fear of death, the anger and the courage of a man who learns weapons on spectacular battlefields. One of the clashes against the Wendolls taking place at night by the flickering light of torches under a rainy and misty veil is strikingly realistic.

The 13th Warrior, by John McTiernan


Norsemen , by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen

Made for Netflix, Norsemen is a historical series that tells the daily life and conflicts of the Vikings in the village of Norheim around the year 790. An incredible and turbulent life , where comic and grotesque situations mingle with the drama of the wars of conquest . The Vikings reveal to us here a nature that we do not know them: funny, pranksters, mischievous and sarcastic.

It's hard to be insensitive watching all three seasons of Norsemen . Between the characters' absurd conversations and the awkward moments, Norwegians' humor is highly infectious . There is sex, blood, executions, humiliations and violence like in the Vikings or The Last Kingdom series. The only difference is the comic note of this series which adds to the grotesqueness of the story.

Norsemen, by Jon Iver Helgaker and Jonas Torgersen


The Last Kingdom , by Chrissy Skinns

The fierce and repeated assaults of the Vikings caused heavy losses to England in the 9th century, which lost more and more of its territories. Son of a nobleman, Uhtred of Beddabburg was captured and then raised by the Vikings learning the art of war and their lifestyle . When he becomes an adult, the kingdom of Wessex is the only one still to resist the men of the North.

A choice is then imposed on Uhtred: to take the side of the people who raised him or to defend the honor of his native land. This decision will mark the beginning of adventures, fights and tragedies that are sometimes too difficult for this proud, somewhat silly and impulsive Viking. Impossible to let go of this story whose frenetic pace is reminiscent of that of horses . And beyond its entertaining nature, The Last Kingdom is an unprecedented historical series on ancient England and the Vikings.

The Last Kingdom, by Chrissy Skinns

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Vikings , by Michael Hirst

With six seasons under its belt, Vikings is the best-known and richest historical series about the past of the men of the North. Ragnar Lothbrok, a young Viking warrior, is eager for adventure, conquest and above all knowledge. Tired of the looting on the lands of the East, he embarks his men for an epic journey to the lands of the East from which they will come back grown.

This journey marks the beginning of the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the greatest Viking rulers. Going from farmer to king of Kattegat, this man connects intrigues, vices and misunderstandings around him, while achieving great military exploits thanks to Athelstan. And even if with age, the man is less and less understood, there is no doubt that he will join Valhalla, like all great warriors.

Vikings is also the story of Rollo , Ragnar's brother, Lagertha, his wife and his many sons who are vying for the throne after their father's death. Loves, betrayals, improbable alliances and military exploits echo the rage, blood and sex specific to these Viking warriors.

So there you have it, five of the best productions you can find on the history of the Vikings of the past. Humor, drama, tragedy or picturesque, there is something for everyone.

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