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  • Inspirational Viking Drawing Ideas or Coloring

    June 14, 2021 3 min read

    Viking Drawing

    Originally from Scandinavia, the Vikings left a lasting mark on the history of peoples of the past. Fierce warriors, peerless builders and great navigators, their thirst for wealth and conquest was matched only by their obsession with Valhalla, the home of honored gods and warriors.

    Long after their demise, the Vikings live on through film, documentaries, art, and other works left to posterity. If like us, you are passionate about the epic of the men of the North , let us offer you inspirational Viking drawing ideas or coloring.

    As we mentioned, the history of the Vikings is full of energy, lessons and information to discover passionately. Whether it's their apartments, their festivals, their rites or their gods, you have enough material to inspire you in your creations. And to help you with that, here are four of the best Viking drawing or coloring ideas to take advantage of.

    The Viking Skulls

    The fear that the Vikings inspire is, for the most part, linked to their passion for war and the conquest of uncharted territories . On this level, they are particularly fierce and passionate, like holy-rollers who have conquered all fear of death. The skull is therefore the best symbol likely to embody this bloodthirsty and somewhat barbaric part of their history.

    The skull alone represents death, omnipresent on the fields of war, where courage meets fear, the Viking's ax crosses English swords . Yes, he embodies the reason for living of the Vikings: to kill or kiss it with a smile to enter Valhalla. A strong symbol represented in various ways in the illustrations that we offer.

    Very rich, our catalog offers interesting illustrations. One of them, a hairy and menacing skull wearing a war helmet, has a rather captivating mournful and murderous expression. This style of expression will inspire you for your own works.

    viking skulls drawing


    The Hereward Vikings Illustrations

    For those who have followed the movie Drakkar , the name Hereward will certainly bring back poignant and unforgettable memories. When England is decimated and sacked by the Vikings , Hereward, a young novice from the monastery of Lindisfarne, is entrusted with a very important mission. He must shelter the Lindisfarne Gospels, the last vestiges of the monastery coveted by a horde of looters.

    A true cinematographic masterpiece , Drakkar is an instructive film in which the viewer experiences intensely the emotions of a monk, his fear of death and his courage. It gives a deferred vision of the Vikings, which vision is respected through the illustrations available in our catalog. Some of them perfectly capture the rage and self-sacrifice shown by the monks in tragic moments to protect their treasure.

    So if you're working on an art project about Vikings , you couldn't ask for more inspiration. The emotion in these images is palpable and contagious. In addition, their high quality format allows printing on all kinds of media.

    thor hammer drawing


    Illustrations about the Celts

    Originally from central Europe, the Celts are an Indo-European people who, during antiquity, extended as far as Austria . Their particular cultural identity and cult marked regions that currently equate to Ireland, Scotland and Britain. And as you might expect, the Celtic peoples did not escape the expeditions and colonization of the men of the North.

    With respect for detail, the illustrations in our repertoire chronologically retrace the important moments of this Viking conquest against the Celts. Certain rites of the Celts are represented there, as well as representations related to the arsenal of war of the Vikings.

    More than simple drawings, these are traces of a real and intense story that will inspire you for your work. Otherwise, they can be used for coloring and teaching this part of the story to those who do not know it.

    odin drawing


    Illustrations of Viking tattoos

    Don't think that the Vikings were only motivated by war and bloodshed. Like us, they were human and filled with weaknesses and emotions, not demons. For example, the Vikings were particularly fond of tattoos, these indelible marks that leave arabesques on the body. They even pushed the vice to tattoo on the head and in the face!

    Our collection of illustrations would therefore not be complete without representations of Viking tattoos inspired by their legends and stories. There are illustrations of certain deities, but also animals or Scandinavian escapades specific to the rank of the individual.

    Whether you're a fan of tattoos or not, you can take inspiration from these designs for your art work or color them in for fun with your kids.

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