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  • Fenrir : The Giant Wolf of Ragnarök

    April 16, 2020 2 min read

    Fenrir : The Giant Wolf of Ragnarök

    Norse mythology continues to provide us with an infinite source of inspiration. There are always new revelations every time you read something from Norse belief. Fenrir is among the most complicated and impressive characters, leading us to wonder about his personal traits. We want to know if the wolf Fenrir embodied "evil" or if he was simply a victim of the adversity of life.


    Fenrir was the son of Angrboda the Giantess and Loki. Fenrir was extremely strong that he ended up devouring Odin at Ragnarok. He had two siblings namely: the Midgard Serpent, Jormungandr, and Hel the Queen of the Underworld. The latter collaborate a lot with the army of the giant, in order to attack the Scandinavian gods.



    The Battle of Ragnarok was communicated long before it finally happened in-universe. It has been discovered that several Scandinavian species suffered greatly before Ragnarok. The degree of their suffering was like that of Odin. The latter and the other gods lost their deity Baldur, following Loki's revenge.

    The humanity of Midgard had to endure three consecutive winters. This made them starve to the point that they had to kill each other for food. The brothers were killing each other and blood was flowing everywhere. One day, Fenrir broke his chains and freed himself from the domination of the gods. He and his father gathered the giant's army to break down the gate of Asgard.

    Fenrir 's jaws could stretch from heaven to earth. He devoured everything that stood in his way. Loki's family takes over the Norse worlds. As Jormungand intoxicated the sky with his breath, Fenrir slew all his enemies and Hel sent the vastest army of the dead to join his father.



    People considered Fenrir a villain because he killed Odin the Almighty. From the start, the two were destined to compete. The clan felt the loss when Odin died. Everyone disowned Fenrir and that's how he became the terrifying wolf we know today.



    Being mean is a personal choice. So Fenrir is not. After all, he simply did so to protect his clan and his family. It was the gods that separated Loki's family. They sent Jormungandr into the ocean, brought Fenrir to Asgard, and expelled Hel to the underworld. What they didn't dream of was that Loki's children would become a predominant force in their respective places.


    Whether he was a villain or a victim of life's misfortune, Fenrir fought by following his instincts. Eventually, old things must go and new things must arise. The Scandinavian Pantheon was to end when their time was up. Didn't they have to annihilate themselves so that new generations could take their place?


    For further information, we invite you to watch this video from the YouTube channel: La Minute d'Histoire et Mythologie.

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