Angrboda : History and Legend in Norse Mythology

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Angrboda : History and Legend in Norse Mythology

Angrboda is just the Witch of Jàrnior found in Midgard and is also an Ice Giantess in Norse mythology. In the French dictionary, this appellation means “she-who-offers-pain”.

She is both the wife of Loki and the mother of several children according to mythology.



In Old Norse it is pronounced as follows: [ˈɑŋɡz̠ˌboðɑ]. The translations of Angrboda in other languages ​​come close to each other. Angrboda is both an English and German name. In Serbo-Croatian it is also Angrboda. In Spanish, Angerboda also translates to Angerbode, and in Portuguese it is Angurboda. On the other hand, in the dictionary, Angerboda is a common name used by Danes, Swedes and Norwegians.

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Angrboda as Loki's wife


@Intractable Viking Warrior


Angrboda's home is in a tree. To enter it, just climb the stairs of the tree.

As this woman married Loki, she is then Loki's wife. But according to the Iron Forest Hierarchy, Loki is Angrboda's "wife". Besides, Loki has another wife named Sigyn, since polygamy reigns in the Iron Forest. Angrboda was already aware of this situation, which is why she respects the other woman, but only demands to be considered a main companion. For his part, Loki takes care of his two wives by managing his time.

According to the Gylfaginning of Snorri's Edda, Angrboda and Loki gave birth to three monstrous children referring to gods. One is called Hel , who is the goddess of death, thus dominating the world of the dead. She is distinguished by a damaged part of her left body. Jormundgard, his other son, is the World Serpent or Midgard Serpent, a protector of Midgard. Fenrir who looks like a wolf, is the god of destruction and the wolf of Norse mythology in the Viking world. The pronunciation of his name is like: Fen-rir.

Angrboda and Fenrir



Angrboda used Fenrir to assassinate Odin during the Norse Apocalypse or Ragnarok. This wolf from Norse mythology is very important to the Vikings as it appears on a variety of runestones. Once Fenrir is chained to Asgard when he grows up.

Image illustrations of Angrboda and Loki's sons are shared by Emil Doepler on social media.

Angrboda and the midgard sepent



The Edda's Gylfaginning concludes that Angrboda is a giantess of Jotunheimar.

The stories that talk about the real mother of the wolf children of Fenrir, Skoll and Haki are different. After extensive research, this problem still remains a mystery to be clarified. The contents of some sources claim that their mother was an anonymous giantess Jarnvidur. Other accounts from the Voluspa hin skamma confirm that their mother was indeed Angrboda.


A mighty witch

Since Angrboda was always victorious in different battles, she holds a major role in the Iron Forest and remains the leader within the Wolf Clan. She does not come out of the portal of her forest and does not participate in any other external tasks from another world.

According to her physical appearance, Angrboda is a burly woman with red hair that resembles the color of dried blood. Despite being a powerful woman, this giantess never wore women's clothes, except during ceremonies. Thus, Angrboda always carried a weapon with her.

Angrboda witch



Being at the same time priestess, midwife, seer and magician, she is very aggressive and ferocious. His intelligence allows him to perform hunting magic, utter prophecy, and practice divination. It is often said that it is a woman-werewolf. However, this woman remains attentive when it comes to marterning. You could say she is protective.

This witch has already presented her role in the Vikings series of season 2 episode 10 entitled “Our Father”.

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