Erik the Red : History And Presentation

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Erik the Red : History And Presentation

Erik the Red and his father moved west to Iceland when he was young. He chose to explore Greenland when he was expatriated from Island, towards the end of the 10th century. In 982, he sailed, but could not graze the coast because of the circumvention of the ice. Then, the group settled in a place near Julianehab, having evaded the tip of Greenland. Erik returned to Iceland in 986 forming a colony. Leif Eriksson was one of four descendants of Erik the Red.



We have been able to gather a lot of information about Erik the Red (Erik Thorvaldsson) thanks to the Nordic and Icelandic sagas. It is considered that it was in 950 that he was born, on the southwestern tip of Norway, more precisely in Rogaland. On his 10th birthday, Erik's father named Thorval Ásvaldsson, is expelled for manslaughter. This process of conflict resolution had become a kind of family habit.

Erik The Red vikings


Ásvaldsson settled in the part of Hornstrandir, in the northwest of Iceland. According to the legend books, Erik the Red grows up brazenly and volatile. Because of his red hair, he was nicknamed Erik the Red. Erik married Thjodhild Jorundsdottir shortly after his father's death. Then he settled in Haukadale after leaving northern Iceland. He baptized this place of installation “Eriksstead”.



All was well until 980 when Erik's minions unfortunately created a landslide. This one destroyed the house of his neighbor named Valthjof. Therefore, a relative of Valthjof called Eyolf the Fault, removed Erik's claws. In revenge, Erik killed Eydjiolf and Holmagang-Hrafn. The latter was for a time an executor of the clan. Eyolf's parents thus forced Erik the red to leave Haukadale.

He then moved his family north to the Breioafjord on the Isle of Oxney. Around 982, Erik entrusted his setstokkr to Thorgest, another settler. These setstokkr are none other than assemblages of iconic Viking objects that had high mystical esteem in Norse pagan belief. Soon after, Thorgest refused to give up the setstokkr when he went to retrieve them. Erik took the items and returned to his village.

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Fearing retaliation, Erik the Red decided to ambush the clans of Thorgest. Two of Thorgest's sons died after a fierce fight. The Village court has delivered the verdict: because Erik committed manslaughter, he is condemned to exile for 3 years.




Erik the Red chooses to leave Iceland altogether to go to a large landmass that lies to the west of Iceland. He traveled with 900,000 crew on the high seas. Thanks to Erik's remarkable skills in navigation and the advanced architecture of Viking ships, the dangers were diminished.

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Erik the Red dodged the southern tip to come to a fjord now known as Tunulliarfik. This happened between 982 and 983. For the next two years, Erik explored the west and the north assigning the names of places with derivatives of his name. He named the land he had visited Greenland, as he believed it to be suitable for raising cattle.

In 985, Erik the Red returned to Iceland at the end of his exile sentence. The following year he had persuaded hundreds of men that Greenland was favorable to the future. In 985, 25 ships and 400 people left with him. In the end, 14 ships arrived, and the pilgrims formed two colonies, the Western Colony (Vestribyggo) and the Eastern Colony (Eystribyggo). In this place, Erik the Red enjoyed his life as a lord with his family.

Erik Le Rouge former king



At times, an epidemic struck the colonies. According to the report, approximately 5,000 people survived. The colonies disappeared at the time of Columbus. According to legend, Erik the Red died after the year 1000 due to complications resulting from a fall from a horse.

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