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The Viking cross pendant was a popular symbol of protection during the Viking Age. This necklace featured a small crucifix in the center, which was believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. Today, the Viking cross pendant is still a popular choice for necklaces and jewelry, and it remains one of the most iconic symbols of Viking culture.

Masters in the art of creating quality jewelry with a design inspired by Celtic symbols and Viking legends, we invite you to discover our collection of Celtic crosses without delay . They come in a variety of materials such as solid silver, gold or stainless steel. The Viking cross is indeed a unique symbol that has survived time and regions while retaining great value. We present it to you in a subtle blend of perfection, modernity and know-how.


The Viking cross: a symbol of resurrection and eternal salvation

The Viking cross is a Nordic symbol that originates from the nimbus cross to which it is very similar. Better known today as the Celtic cross, the Viking cross was of paramount importance to the Norse who engraved it on walls and made representations of it in stone form to worship the god of the sun. The appearance of Christianity is the reason for the development of the Celtic cross as an artistic and religious symbol .

The Celtic cross takes its name "Viking cross" from the influence of the Vikings on its prosperity. Indeed, the Viking raids have long stifled the development of the Irish who had to flee leaving all their possessions. The Celtic cross as well as the Celtic church being the only things left intact after a Viking invasion, this one became a symbol of hope and resurrection. The Vikings having settled permanently later, they brought their own decorative styles to the Celtic cross such as engravings representing the hammer of Thor and which then bore the name of Viking cross .

This Nordic cross is represented as an ordinary cross in which a lamb is inscribed (and not the opposite). For many religions, the circle would be a representation of the sun, a sign of the sun god or even a symbol of the halo of Jesus, while the cross refers to his crucifixion and his resurrection. The Viking cross also carries other values ​​like hope, faith, uniqueness, honor and temperance . Each of these values ​​can be found in our Celtic Viking Cross jewelry.


A collection of unique Viking crosses

The Celtic Viking Cross Jewelry we offer is so varied and creative that it would be impossible to describe it in two words. A compilation of Breton soul and sure values ​​is anchored within splendid jewels to allow you to live your own adventure of Nordic warrior by wearing them. You have the choice to satisfy your desires: precious rings, pendants, bracelets and even earrings display symbols of the Viking cross.

If you want to wear a Viking Celtic cross necklace on you and you don't like the idea of ​​a tattoo, you've come to the right place. We offer jewelery bearing symbols as well as jewelery presenting itself as original representations of the Celtic cross so that you can always have it on you. And if you are a perfectionist, you will be fascinated by the quality of the details that each of our pendants benefits from.

We use precious metals like solid silver in the making of our jewelry to add beautiful detail and aesthetics to Viking symbols that have already held stories and myths. We also use high quality stainless steel, iron and even zinc alloys as well as various colors for more variety and to suit all budgets. What is certain, whatever your choice, quality, aesthetics and resistance will be there.

Chained from leather, or stainless steel, each viking pendant is available in different chain sizes.

The size may vary depending on the model, we usually offer as chain size: 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm.


Price policy and free and paid delivery

Our viking crosses are accessible at different prices thanks to the different types of metals we work with. We work with precious metals such as solid silver, high quality stainless steel and sometimes we make more affordable costume jewelry in zinc alloy and tin.

  • The price of our solid silver products starts from 44.99eur.
  • The price of our stainless steel products starts from 34.99eur.
  • The price of our bronze products starts from 29.99eur.

Our range of Viking jewelry is generally available in three colors, in solid silver, yellow gold plated or rose gold plated.

Make the purchase of your necklace or pendant today and enjoy free delivery for orders over 39.90eur! Free delivery is applied directly to your basket during checkout.

The price of a standard delivery is 3.90eur. The manufacture and delivery time of your product is 10 to 15 working days.

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Viking cross, the perfect gift for any Norse mythology fan

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