Valknut Ring

The Valknut is one of the most popular and powerful Viking symbols. Visibly formed of three overlapping triangles, the Valknut is a symbol created by Odin to commemorate the death of Viking warriors during war. We have majestically engraved this symbol on magnificent rings for you, passionate about Viking stories.


Men's Valknut ring

Although the valknut ring is very suitable for women , it is a precious jewel intended to awaken the Viking nature in anyman who wears it on his finger. Our valknut rings are made with materials such as solid silver, high quality stainless steel or copper and are as beautiful as they are resistant.

They are perfect to wear, both for a night out with friends or for larger ceremonial occasions to keep you ready for the souls of Viking warriors. With impeccable finishes and meticulous details, the Valknut ring will seduce you for sure.