Odin Necklace

Odin is the king of the gods of Asgard and the main god of Norse mythology . He reigned at the top of the World Tree on an imposing stone throne guarded by two wolves and from which he could see everything that happened in the nine kingdoms.


Silver Odin necklace

What better than a silver Odin necklace to express your greatness and show your interest in Norse mythology? This rare jewel is indeed a symbol of strength, victory and knowledge. Whether you are a man or a woman , the Odin necklace will place you on a high level of wisdom and warm your heart.

It is made ofsolid silverand adapts perfectly to all styles. This jewel ofirreproachable qualityis endowed with a unique charm and a rare resistance. Combining beauty and elegance, theOdin necklacewill perfect your style while bringing you closer to your favorite stories and myths.