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  • Celtic Cross

    Want to discover the Nordic world and the secrets that surround it? We offer you one of the most famous illustrations of Celtic heritage through our wide range of Celtic Cross pendant necklaces. It is one of the symbols that has survived the ages and was inspired by the "High crosses" of ancient Irish monasteries. Like Ireland, Brittany was also the center for raising crosses or high crosses in stone.

    Meaning of the Celtic Cross

    Like the Celtic knot, the Celtic cross is one of the most inspiring symbols of Celtic tradition . Among the Viking illustrations and drawings, it is among the most emblematic. This cross first appeared in its religious form before later becoming art in its own right in the early Middle Ages.

    The Celtic cross indeed translates the belonging of Ireland or Brittany to the Christian religion, in a context where it underwent a wave of conversion to other so-called pagan religions.

    On this cross appears at its heart a circle which brings together several illustrations or drawings . For some peoples, this circle would be a representation of the Roman sun god “Invictus”. This is precisely the reason why this symbol is likened to the “cross of the sun”. It is not uncommon to also hear that this circle would be that of the halo of Christ. For others, the circle adorning the Celtic cross rather symbolizes its pagan origins.

    The meaning of the Celtic cross is difficult to establish universally , especially since the explanation is not found in the Bible. But when we refer to its historical context, the Celtic cross is indeed imbued with a very evocative spiritual symbolism. This piece is a token of God's love and his promise of salvation.

    According to a fairly widespread legend, the Celtic cross is the work of Saint Patrick, whose mission was to convert the pagans of Ireland to Christianity. By associating the Christian cross with the pagan sun, Saint Patrick's idea was to rally the pagans to Christ.

    The origins of the Celtic Cross

    The Celtic cross appeared as early as the beginning of the 8th century, even though some would claim that its origin is older . She is associated with the Viking deity Odin.

    We know all the same that the typical spelling of Celtic crosses is a legacy of Celtic migrations from the British Isles. At first, these Celtic crosses were usually monuments. We also spoke at that time of the "High Cross", around which the faithful gathered and which served as a place of sacred worship. Among the best known are the Celtic cross of Kells and that of Muiredach.


    The Celtic cross in the 19th century

    The Celtic cross is no longer simply a symbol of spirituality. It now has value in fashion, art and clothing style. In the 19th century, there were already Irish independence movements which called for the enhancement of Celtic heritage.

    With its design, the Celtic cross imposes itself in fashion . She became one of the Celtic icons quite popular for an assertive Viking dress code.


    Our extended range of Celtic Crosses

    Our first collection of Celtic Cross jewelry offers you a wide range of Celtic Cross pendant necklaces with a refined design, which can appeal to both men and women. The photos of the collection reveal models with knots, knots with old designs, Celtic crosses like jewelry or claddagh rings, Toulhoat jewelry inspired by Vikings. It is even possible to have a chained pendant.

    Celtic cross pendant 4 arms for women

    Each product mentioned is an essential jewel to celebrate your religious devotions while remaining very trendy. Are you looking for a beautiful chain pendant jewelry that is perfectly inspired by Nordic culture or the Vikings? Take a look at the Celtic Cross pendant with perfect illustrations. Celtic designs are there, not to mention the unusual factory style. Each piece is unique and underlines particular images.
    There are plenty of opportunities to wear a designer necklace that gives you a most original look. Plated in sterling silver or gold, each Viking piece will be at the center of your aspirations.

    Mens Celtic Cross Unchained Pendant

    Our collection of 4-arm Celtic Cross Necklaces also includes a wide selection of sterling silver plated pendants for men . Are you passionate about Scandinavian culture? You probably want an elegant necklace with old designs, imitating sterling silver and which matches your religious beliefs? This is good, because the Celtic Cross pendant with 4 arms for men perfectly combines elegance and spirituality. Enjoy free delivery by following our conditions.

    Materials of manufacture of the Celtic Cross

    Our wide range of Celtic Cross pendant necklaces without stone, has been made with noble metals such as high quality stainless steel. It is also the result of a perfect alloy of zinc and brass. To satisfy your multiple desires for colors and design, we offer Viking Celtic crosses in different finishes: Sterling silver plated, yellow gold plated or rose gold plated.

    The Celtic Cross pendant product guarantees its wearer exceptional comfort. Its manufacturing material is hypoallergenic, even with prolonged use. Suffice to say that this precious patterned jewel has no effect on the condition of your skin.

    Our Celtic viking jewelry with illustrations adapts perfectly to different sizes . Do you like short or long necklaces? Perhaps your choice is conditioned by the nature of your current style or dress code. This is precisely the reason for our different types of adjustable Celtic Cross pendants, guaranteed without return on delivery. Delivery may be free depending on the circumstances.

    Gift idea for friends or acquaintances in Brittany or for anyone else interested in a trendy dress code? The recipient does not need to be “holy”. Consider a Celtic Cross product, with its universal symbol of triumph and victory. And that's what you are. A warrior with a valiant heart, symbol of these Vikings of Scandinavian culture!

    Characteristics Pendant Necklace Celtic Cross

    The photos or images prove it to you! This precious jewel with an interwoven Celtic knot is a must in an Irish or Vikings dress code . It has everything to please:

    ✔ The product matches perfectly with any style

    ✔ The symbol is made of stainless steel

    ✔ The pendant is a perfect reproduction of Viking history