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  • Viking haircut : 40 Viking hairstyle ideas

    May 01, 2020 9 min read

    Viking haircut


    Historically, the Vikings were Scandinavian explorers who were particularly famous for their ruthlessness and also for their appearance. Although there are many debates regarding the true image of savagery associated with the Viking Age, there is no doubt that Viking hairstyles were one of a kind.


    The meaning of Viking hairstyles

    Viking hairstyles were often indicative of wealth, rank and social status. The longer and more ornate the hair, the higher the social status of the wearer. For example, warriors often let their hair grow long and wore it in elaborate braids or knots that served to show off their strength and prowess in battle. Other common styles include shaved heads with a single braid on one side or a "top knot", a short ponytail worn on top of the head.

    Modern interpretations of Viking hairstyles

    Today, modern interpretations of Viking hairstyles are still popular among men and women who want to pay homage to these fierce warriors of old. Braiding techniques such as French braids, cornrows, reverse French braids, fishtails, crown braids and Dutch braids are all popular choices for those looking for an edgy yet sophisticated look that will turn heads. where you go !

    For those who prefer shorter styles with an air of mystery, there are also plenty of options available; shaved side mohawks with a slicked back top knot, there's something for everyone!


    We've put together a list of our favorite modern Viking looks, so check out all the Viking hairstyles we've picked, from traditional Scandinavian haircuts to modern adaptations for everyday wear!


    1. Historically accurate Viking hairstyles

    It is almost impossible to identify what the Vikings really looked like given that they only existed from the 8th to 11th centuries. However, experts draw the following conclusions (based on research):

    Viking hairstyles Historical versions


    1. Sturdy hair with braid

    Either way, the Viking appearance that we are all used to can be described as rugged. With their long hair, rough beards and fierce attitude, Vikings are usually associated with images like the one below.

    Rugged hairstyles


    1. Modern viking with straight hair in a ponytail

    What if you want a Viking-inspired hairstyle that's adapted and adaptable to modern times? Always opt for a full beard, but make sure that it is always well maintained. Also, let your hair grow to a medium length or even let it hang over the shoulders.

    Modern Viking Haircut


    1. A messy viking man with a wild beard

    Bun hairstyles are extremely popular in recent years, especially among men with long thick hair. If you plan to wear a Viking look on a daily basis, a hairstyle like the man bun will become necessary thanks to its practical and aesthetic advantages.

    man bun haircut


    1. Ponytail Viking Hairstyles with Braids and Free Sideburns

    You can also switch to ponytail hairstyles from time to time. The long sideburns, braids, and overall long hair in the style below instantly make you think of Vikings. Try this look if your hair is quite long, and especially if it's naturally straight.

    Ponytail Viking Hairstyle


    1. Long hair and beard

    It's pretty clear now that the majority of Viking hairstyles revolve around long hair and thick beards. So if you already have both, feel free to leave them as they are, including letting your hair down.

    Viking hairstyle with beard


    1. Bun and gradient

    Layered male hairstyles also play an important role in Viking hairstyles. In general, there are many hairstyles associated with Vikings that include large layers. Make yourself a man bun to highlight the shaved part.

    man bun hairstyle and degraded


    1. Full viking crest with huge round beard

    If you want your Viking hairstyle to look even more bad boy-like, pair it with a crest! While we don't particularly recommend punk fan crests for the Viking aesthetic, we do encourage you to opt for wider crests and fully shaved sides.



    1. Long hair, medium beard and braids

    The difference will always be in the details, whether it's Viking hairstyles or any other look. That's why we suggest you find the best subtle elements to get your message and personality across. Adding two thin braids can do the trick, for example!

    Viking hairstyle with two thin braids


    1. Braided Hair in a Ponytail with Fade and Beard

    Are you currently rocking a viking-inspired hairstyle with an undercut and long hair? So, experiment more with your hairstyle by curling your long locks into a ponytail in the back.

    ponytail and gradient man


    1. Viking Bjorn hairstyles with braids

    It has to be said, the Vikings television series is probably one of the main reasons why Viking hairstyles are currently at the top of men's hairstyle trends. And Bjorn is just one of the characters in the series that is a clear reference for a cool Nordic hairstyle.

    bjorn style viking haircut


    1. Crest with mullet and long beard

    Want your hairstyle to exude extreme edginess? So try a Viking crest with very teasing long hair. You can easily achieve this look by combing the top section of your hair and using hair product to make sure it stays in place.

    mullet cut


    1. Ragnar hairstyle

    What if you love Vikings, but aren't ready to deal with long hair maintenance? So combine your rough beard with an easier haircut. Add a gradient to the mix for added flair.

    ragnar vikings haircut


    1. Ragnar hairstyle, - Shaved cut with long and thick braid

    Another memorable character from the Vikings series is Ragnar , especially when it comes to hairstyles. It shows that men's hairstyles with shaved sides are as fierce as they look, and even more so when combined with a longer top.

    ragnar hairstyle


    1. Intricate Viking hairstyles with braids and small buns

    Some types prefer simplicity, while others like to use their imagination for their Viking hairstyles. In the example below, you can see a creative and intricate hairdo with two large buns. The side braids make it possible to obtain and accentuate the crest effect.

    Intricate Viking Hairstyle


    1. Vikings short and long haircut with dreads

    What if you can't choose between long hair and short hair? Then choose a Viking hairstyle that features both. For the top part, cut your hair shorter so it's easier to manage. For the back, leave your hair in a tail or take dreadlocks.

    Short and long hair combinations


    1. Hairline with Braid and Long Braided Beard

    Not all Viking hairstyles are as unruly as you might think. Even though many of them involve a shaggy beard and long hair, it all comes down to how you choose to style them.

    Clean Viking Hairstyles


    1. Long hair with multiple braids

    Braids appear in a multitude of hairstyles associated with Vikings. Whether the long hair is woven into a single braid or only sections are braided, the results will be fantastic either way.

    long hair man braid


    1. Short ponytail and undercut

    Not everyone who explores Viking hairstyles has super long hair. In fact, a number of them have quite short locks. If your hair looks like the one in the photo below, you can opt for a short and easy to cut ponytail.

    Viking hairstyle for short hair


    1. Sideways Hairstyle with Giant Messy Beard

    Few hairstyles are as visually impactful as the undercut with the long top shown here. The key to mastering this hairstyle is to let the hair grow down to your chin and then shave the sides and back.

    Casual Business Hairstyle


    1. Viking style for business

    Let's say you like to wear viking hairstyles in your spare time, but you have to take care of a corporate job during the day. In this case, you can opt for a casual business hairstyle with a neat man bun and a trimmed beard.

    business hairstyle


    1. Half wild viking hairstyles

    Thanks to the length of your hair, you have many creative hairstyles to try out. In addition to the buns and ponytails we've already talked about, have fun with half up half down hairstyles that combine them all!

    Half Viking Hairstyle


    1. viking hairstyle

    Here is another great Viking hairstyle for men with short hair who don't want to look too showy. All you need to do is style the top section of your hair to resemble a comb, which can be achieved with a strong hold cream, gel or wax.

    viking hairstyle for men


    1. Viking hairstyle with beard braid

    Facial hair is just as important to achieving the Viking look as the rest of your hair. If you have the patience to grow a long beard, you can also start styling it with Viking elements.

    viking beard


    1. Hacked Viking hairstyles

    You may not want your hair to be all over the place all the time. For this, we recommend a viking look with a straight hairstyle. After braiding the top, tuck the ends under the main part with a few bobby pins or make a mini tail.

    viking braid hairstyle for men


    1. Twisted viking ranks with undercut

    We return to the Vikings series with the idea below, this time with one of Ivar the Boneless hairstyles.

    ivar haircut


    1. Messy Viking Hair with a Bun and Groomed Beard

    For most Viking hairstyles, it's all about maintaining a rugged and manly appearance. Often, it's about styling your hair messy without giving it too much attention. A tousled man bun is exactly what you need, especially if your hair is cut in multiple layers.

    Twisted viking hairstyle


    1. Braided ponytail with pointed beard

    The fun thing about viking hairstyles is that you can mix in all kinds of elements, like braids and ponytails. When you have more free time, braid the top section of your hair and wrap the rest in a multi-tie ponytail.

    Messy Viking Hairstyle


    1. Pointed Beard French Braid

    As an alternative, you can choose a half up hairstyle with braids. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you will get a crest effect if the top locks are braided correctly. Moreover, this look is suitable for evening wear as well as for everyday wear.

    Braided and Ponytail Hairstyle


    1. Casual viking look with single braid

    You may not be in the mood for extravagant hairstyles every day. However, you can still add a Viking touch to your look without spending so much time on it. It is enough to tie one part of the hair and make a thin braid on another.

    Half Braided Hairstyle


    1. professional viking

    If you didn't resonate with the other office viking hairstyles we featured above, here's another idea. We recommend it as an easy hairstyle for men with long hair and just a little twist to pull the locks back.

    Twisted Office Hairstyle



    1. Braided Viking Hairstyle with Mustache

    Viking braids are arguably the most popular braids with men. They look amazing on all kinds of guys whether or not they have a beard or mustache.

    Viking hairstyle with highlights


    1. Double braided beard with long loose hair

    Never forget the beard! If yours is particularly long, have as much fun styling it as you do. To get a Viking touch, consider cutting your long beard in half and braiding each part separately.

    Double braided beard


    1. white hair with beard

    You don't have to be 30 to have a great Viking hairstyle. In fact, the look will flatter men of all ages. If you are an older person, we encourage you to grow out your hair and beard to achieve a great rugged look.

    viking hairstyle for older man


    1. A small bun for men

    We have already made it clear that man buns are extremely popular among Viking hairstyles. Nevertheless, if you want to reinforce the Scandinavian touch of your hairstyle, consider leaving half of your hair down and outside the bun for man.

    small bun for men


    1. Bulk Viking Braids

    Not all Viking looks have to include tight braids or dramatically shaved sides. Quite the contrary, many of them are actually freestyle. To look cool while being comfortable, opt for a Viking hairstyle with loose braids.

    Bulk hairstyle


    1. Viking with giant beard and mustache

    All you need is a good approach to styling to achieve a Viking-inspired hairstyle. The background look below, for example, is perfect for men, regardless of their hair length. Comb them back casually and add a touch of product.

    Viking hairstyles


    1. An easy-going viking style for straight hair

    The Viking style here can be rocked in virtually any setting. Not only is it easy to play and smoother than most, it's also simple to perform. Your hairstyle will certainly arouse the admiration of those around you.

    Easy going viking hairstyles


    1. Crest with braided sides

    Not everyone is up for the idea of ​​shaving the sides of their head for a proper mohawk. Still, you can achieve a similar look with even more Viking vibes by braiding the sides. Get inspired and style the top in a messy mohawk.

    braided side crest


    1. Ragnar hairstyle, Long tail tied in leather with braids and tattoos

    Whether you already have a head tattoo like Ragnar or want to have one, know that it will look great with a full fade and a long top. You can also recreate the look with temporary tattoos.

    Viking hairstyle with head tattoo



    In summary, Viking hairstyles are a fun way to express your admiration for Scandinavian culture and sailors who went down in history as explorers, conquerors, and savages.


    Whether you're a huge fan of the Vikings TV series or love the look of rugged hairstyles, we're sure you'll find at least one reference that suits your tastes - and use the video below for a quick recap of our favourites.


    Would you choose a classic Viking hairstyle or a modern hairstyle? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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