Discovery and presentation of the Viking beard

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 Viking beard

Considered a symbol of masculinity, the beard today plays a crucial role in male beauty and elegance. But of all of them, the Viking beard comes out on top. Wearing a Viking beard became an outward sign of bravery, power and courage.

You don't even have to reach old age to get it. This is the trend at the moment, a trend that has been further strengthened with the broadcast in recent years of series which, like the Viking series so popular with viewers, recall the values ​​and prowess of the Nordic peoples.

So what do Viking beard styles look like? What are their particularities? How to take care of it ? All the answers here.


The Viking beard: a trend that is all the rage

Models, actors and athletes have had time to prove to all of us that taking care of your body and your physical appearance is not a sport exclusively reserved for women . Take a look on Instagram and you will see that the beard has already made a comeback. Besides, being called beardless is often hard to bear because it was tantamount to calling you immature, less than a real man.

The Vikings take their beards very seriously. They wash and comb his beard fairly regularly to keep it clean and maintain its style. It was an integral part of their warrior aesthetic. But in addition to being a symbol of virility, the beard is also a symbol of wisdom.

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A real Viking-style beard measures on average between 8 and 15 cm. To have such a long beard, you will have to wait at least for about 6 months without shaving. Unless you want to use special products or have special treatments done for faster growth.

In addition, regular Viking beard care is necessary for a perfect beard and to stimulate growth. It is :

  • The application of a balm or oil for hydration and smoothing;
  • Regular brushing to maintain a natural appearance;
  • A cleaning with beard shampoo;
  • Regular pruning to maintain the uniformity and shape of the tuft.

The Different Viking Beard Styles

When you get your hair done at a very good hairdresser, the Viking style can make you look super sexy. And since it is suitable for both old and young, anyone can afford it. Even more interesting, you can afford a personalized style, since Viking beards are distinguished by their shape, length and color, among other things. Very often even, beard and hair are styled in such a way as to give the face a totally Viking look.

The braided Viking beard

From 12 cm, the Vikings often braided their beards. The goal was to prevent it from harboring food debris , small insects, various dirt, etc. It was also necessary to keep a better control on the tuft which could annoy in certain situations. Before fighting, Viking warriors used to braid their beards in one or more braids so that it would not obstruct their view during battle.

Depending on their size, braided Viking beards can be:

  • Unique and therefore thick and massive;
  • Double or triple and therefore average;
  • In small multiple braids.
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    The Viking Pony Beard

    When the length of the beards does not allow them to be braided, ponies under the chin are the most accessible alternative. It gives a touch of bad boy, looters or invaders to the person who wears it, especially if the latter has very long hair.

    The Beaded Viking Beard

    To stand out, it is possible to add ornamental beads to the braided beards. Some of these beads may bear runic inscriptions. They will also be used to hold the braids in place. Other decorative Viking jewelry can also be used instead of beads.

    The short Viking beard

    We have seen several Scandinavian characters on our screens with short beards. This type of beard completely covers the face without covering too much of the neck area . It's often more practical when you're still growing your beard to a certain length or when you want to avoid shading tattoos on your neck, chest, etc.

    The Extra Long Viking Beard

    Very impressive, the extra long Viking beard is the result of many years of sacrifice and patience. It is enormous and reaches down to the level of the belt and covers, by its wingspan, the entire neck, seen from the front.

    The Bushy Viking Beard

    Bushy and wide, full and long, left messy or sometimes with a round, curved shape, this beard brings back the image of the traditional viking. And if this wild look is very tempting, you should know that it is not always easy to eat and drink without coating your beard with what you drink or eat. Constant maintenance is therefore necessary.

    There are many other beard styles. But in most cases, for a perfect look, beard and hair are styled to create a Viking style. The style of the hair should ideally go with the beard to create a perfect Viking style. One can even choose a Viking necklace, a Viking bracelet to support the look created.

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