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  • What could Viking maps look like ?

    June 14, 2021 2 min read

    Viking maps

    From the 8th century, several thousand men who had left Scandinavia set out on the seas under the direction of powerful chiefs to enrich themselves through trade or piracy.

    Their expansion continues in Europe for nearly three hundred years. Sometimes they settled down creating Normandy (a land of the Nordics) like that of France. Afterwards, they set off again, always eager to create new routes.

    The Vikings therefore formed a unified image of their way of life, their style and their philosophy. Their history is therefore represented through Viking postcards which present the image of certain evocative elements.

    The Mysterious Viking Map

    Kept at Yales University, the map of Vinland (land of wine), is a map dating from the 15th century and which represents the world as it was supposed to be at that time. On this map, we see the famous Greenland and Vinland , this island which seems to refer to the approximate contours of North America.

    viking cards


    From this map, we can deduce that the Europeans already knew that the Vikings set foot on American soil before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World in 1492. Even if the theories clash as to the authenticity of this mysterious Viking map , analyzes of the ink, the paper and the content of the ink have been carried out using somewhat advanced means.

    In any case, the discovery of this land of wine did not lead to the establishment of permanent colonies in this New World. Even Vinland's resources could not be used.

    Viking raid postcards

    Even though they weren't villains who had come to pillage and plunder, the Vikings, this troop of farmers and herders, regularly sowed terror through the repeated raids launched in Europe.

    Several Viking maps therefore present, in various formats and from various angles, lightning raids carried out by the Vikings and the famous boats called "drakkars" used for the occasion. On these maps, Vinland features lush vegetation with wild grains and butternut squash, etc., Scandinavian-style peat buildings.

    Besides, these maps communicate about the warlike past of the Norse people and generally emphasize all the important details like combat weapons, combat ships , expeditions, river and sea routes, etc. We perceive all the violence of the Viking culture of the time, since it should be noted that quarrels and dissensions were generally settled in blood.

    viking cards tattoo

    @ leachap07011999

    The Viking Symbol Cards

    Apart from the postcards evoking the Viking raids and the lands of Vinland, that of Greenland, etc., there are also Viking postcards presenting the Viking culture through the symbols and emblems specific to the Nordics.

    You will thus find on postcards , representations of the cross, of the god Thor and his hammer, of the god Odin, etc. Of course, when the god Odin is found somewhere, his beloved crows, Hugin and Munin, are often never far away. Norse or Nordic postcards also present one of the most important symbols of Norse mythology , namely the tree of life, the world-tree or the Yggdrasil. Whichever symbol is chosen, they make it possible to perpetuate the history of the Scandinavian people.

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