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  • Viking Legend : Main Stories With Explanation

    September 27, 2021 3 min read

    Viking Legend : Main Stories With Explanation

    Viking legends to know

    Norse mythology is undoubtedly one of the richest in legends, characters and adventures. However, many of his stories have fallen into oblivion over the years, which is a shame since they are fascinating and interesting. Today, let's take a little trip on the four greatest Viking legends you need to know.


      • The origins of man for the Vikings

    Like all ancient peoples, the Viking people have their own version of the origin of the world. According to their legend, there were only two realms at the very beginning: a realm of cold called Niflheim, and a realm of fire called Muspelheim. Between these two was a great void which was called Ginnungagap. In this void, the ice of Niflheim and the fire of Muspelheim combined to give birth to the giant Ymir, father of all giants. The alliance of ice and fire also brought to life a giant hornless cow called Audhumla, whose milk Ymir the giant drank. Then the cow licked the ice and thus created the first God: Búri.




    It is said that when Ymir fell asleep, other giants came out of his body. Buri therefore married a giantess who then gave birth to her son named Bor. He took as his wife the giantess called Bestla, who gave him three children: Odin, Vili and Vé, the very first Ases. The Odin brothers, Vili and Vé, wanting to create something more beautiful, decided to kill the divine giant Ymir, since he was the source of everything. Once the giant was dead, from his body came seas, mountains and cliffs that formed the world.



    The three Aesir brothers took the eyelashes of the giant to build a wall, and within it they built a city called Midgard. One day, the three legendary brothers found two tree trunks washed up on a beach, one of which was an ash tree and the other was an elm tree. They then placed them upright, then, the God Odin breathed life into them. The God Vili gave them the will and the God Vé gave them a human form. From the ash tree was born the first man called Ask. And elm, the first woman named Embla. It is therefore in Midgard, the kingdom of men, that they have built their home, sheltered from giants and dangerous monsters.


      • The nine worlds of the vikings

    yggdrasil tree of life


    One of the Viking legends affirms the existence of Yggdrasil, a leafy ash tree also called “the tree of life”. This famous Viking tree connected the nine Viking worlds by their roots. Here are the 9 the Vikings believed in:

    1. Helheim: the realm of the dead, where all deceased humans and gods reside.
    2. Nidavellir: the realm where dwarves and dark elves dwell and make their inventions.
    3. Niflheim: the kingdom of darkness.
    4. Jötunheim: the world of giants, ice and mountains.
    5. Midgard: the realm of human men and women.
    6. Vanaheim: the world of the Vanes where the gods of nature and fertility live.
    7. Alfheim: the world of the light elves.
    8. Asgard: the kingdom of the Gods and the Aesir.
    9. Muspelheim: the world of fire.


    • Ragnarök of the Vikings



    Ragnarök is one of the greatest Viking legends. For them, it's the end of the world. Norse legend has it that this is a war where Gods, Aesir, fire giants, monsters and jötnars will pitilessly clash. When gods, giants and monsters clash in this ultimate battle, the world will end and all will be destroyed. According to Norse legends, Ragnarök will come after three winters and no one will be able to prevent it.


    • The Rainbow Bridge or Bifröst of the Vikings

    Viking legends also tell of the existence of Bifröst. It is a rainbow bridge that connects the realm of humans Midgard with the realm of gods Asgard. The Bifröst bridge is considered as the balance between the world of men and that of the Gods. In Norse prophecies, it is said that the Rainbow Bridge will be destroyed when Ragnarök arrives.

    ragnarock warrior


    You now know some very famous Viking legends, and you can discover other Scandinavian legends if you wish. They are all as fascinating as they are incredible. They will transport you directly to the time of the Vikings.


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