Vikings Series Season 6 Episode 9 (S06E09): Resurrection

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Série Vikings Saison 6 Épisode 9 (S06E09) : Résurrection

Two intoxicating intrigues cleverly intertwine at the heart of a dense scenario. Since the farewells to Lagertha , secondary figures like Torvi and Gunnhild are given greater prominence. The queen of Kattegat may be plotting revenge since her husband left her for a rival. To taste the entire episode 9 of season 6, the episode, do not hesitate to download the Viking series or to watch it in streaming vf or vostfr or in replay .

Information on episode 9 of season 6:

Season: Season 6

Eisode: Episode 9

Duration: 40 minutes

List of characters:

Alex Høgh Andersen, Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Jordan Patrick Smith, Alicia Agneson, Gustaf Skarsg rd, Georgia Hirst, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Danila Kozlovsky, Kristy Dawn Dinsmore, Jenny Jacques, Kathy Monahan, Peter Franzén, Lucy Martin, Andrei Claude

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Trailer season 6 episode 9:

Summary of episode 9 of season 6

From the start of the season, it was promised. The Russian invasion is not far away, but Bjorn, caught between the fires of love and those of the impending struggle for power, intends to ask Harald to help him face the threat that hangs over him.

The episode becomes spicier when the lights are projected on Ubbe and on Hvitserk who, having returned from the abyss of alcohol and drugs, ends up reuniting with Ivar after having spent almost half a season in the alcoholic world.

Although Floki is still missing, a strange individual, the Christian monk Athelstan comes into play. Yet Floki had killed Athelstan with a blow to the head in Season 3 episode Born Again . So how can this individual be Athelstan? Would he have come back from the dead? What's even more evocative is Ivar's question about how Athelstan keeps haunting him every night.

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