Thor The God of Thunder : History and Legends of the Norse God

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Thor The God of Thunder : History and Legends of the Norse God

Thor is known as the Norse god of thunder. Thor is the most popular of the Norse gods. He is also the most revered by the Germanic peoples during the Viking Age. Its name can be written in different ways: in Anglo-Saxon it is written Þunor, in German Donar, which comes to us from Proto-Germanic.


The god Thor: who is he?

Thor is the son of the Norse god Odin. Even though Odin remains the wisest, Thor is the most popular. Odin had a bad reputation for being ruthless, for inciting peaceful people to quarrel among themselves, to demand human sacrifices. For his part, Thor did not participate in any of his father's acts. Thor was mostly focused on protection. Thus, the god of thunder only turned to the good. Odin was on a quest for wisdom while Thor aimed to amplify his power. Odin was also a cunning ruler who liked to have his own way by breaking the rules, he was on a quest for supreme wisdom while Thor remained faithful and simple. Thor crossed the sky with his chariot drawn by goats, in order to eliminate giants who represented a threat.

Thor The God of Thunder



Thor is an absolute great warrior who is both indomitable and tireless. Thor was a hero to the Norse peoples and if he was a human like any other, all Vikings would be willing to raise an ale horn alongside him. Thor was a source of inspiration for them, he was the god who was taken as a model.


The god Thor: a huge influence

Thor is the most famous and well-known god of ancient times, but also of our time. In Iceland, the majority of the founding population have names derived from Thor's name like Thorkill, Thorgest and many more. Researchers and archaeologists have even managed to discover Mjölnir amulets that possessed the shape of Thor's hammer .

They discovered them inside some Viking tombs and other places in Northern Europe. This largely proves their admiration for the god of thunder, as they continued to wear the amulets even after converting to Christianity. Thor's influence as a hero and as a god didn't end any time soon.




Many believe that Santa Claus and his sleigh was inspired by Thor and his chariot drawn by goats, as well as Odin and his chariot drawn by an 8-legged flying horse which was named Sleipnir. Also, the day "Thursday" means "Thor's day".

The god Thor: the strongest of the Norse gods

Everyone knows that Thor was the strongest of all the Viking gods, even his father Odin couldn't compete with him. Only a few giants could compete with the red-bearded god. However, he managed to beat them. Thor's secret weapon remains his great hammer named Mjölnir, which has the feat of destroying mountains. Thor also protected the world of Asgard (realm of the gods) and Midgard (the world of mankind) from the giants using his super-powered hammer. All the Vikings were in great admiration before the god Thor and his exploits, each time the sky flashes and is accompanied by the rumbles of thunder.

Thor and the Mjolnir



Mjölnir is more than just a weapon, as Thor used it to sanctify, restore, and bless. Thor even had the ability to raise the dead using his hammer. Respect for the god of thunder was so intense that he was invoked at weddings and other special events, in order to benefit from his ability to protect and sanctify.

Thor has three main attributes which are: the hammer of Möljnir, the belt of strength and the iron gloves. These elements embellish Thor's great strength, which is his main feature. Thor is indomitable and sometimes gets out of control, because he knows what he wants and he can't seem to follow other people's rules. Indeed, Thor directly gives a direct and combative image, preferring action and combat. Thor does not possess the abilities of trickery and deception like his father Odin at all. He therefore fails to recognize the qualities of others. This is why the god Thor often has difficulty dealing with spells and magical entities.


The god Thor: his appearance

Thor with hammer



Contrary to what we see in the Marvel series, Thor was never Loki's brother and was never shaved. Thor is distinguished by his long red hair and large beard. We can often distinguish Thor who is associated with water in many representations and stories. He is generally represented on a boat, on the sea. He is often represented on his chariot drawn by two male goats which he could eat and which then came back to life.


The god Thor: the mighty hammer

Thor's primary weapon was his hammer, named Möljnir. He used it to eliminate the giants who were trying to destroy Asgard and kill the Aesir. How was the Möljnir made? The story began with Loki cutting off the golden hair of Sif, Thor's wife. Thor was then enraged and threatened Loki to break every bone in his body. Loki then begged him to let him go down to Svartalfheimn, the cave of the dwarves to find another hair for his wife.

In the world of dwarves, the sons of Ivaldi managed to design a new hair for Snif, but they also managed to make two marvels which are: Skidblad and Gungir.

Loki continued his stay in the dwarven world and then began to provoke the Brokkr brothers and Sindri. He claimed that the two would never manage to conceive three creations equal to those of the sons of Ivaldi. The brothers then set to work to prove him wrong. Loki transformed himself into a fly to prevent the two brothers from succeeding in their work, but despite himself, Sindir produced a hammer of unparalleled quality. This hammer never missed its target and returned to its owner.

thor thunder

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His creation was none other than the Möljnir, Thor's super-powerful hammer.


The god Thor: endless popularity

Thor is a character still held in high honor even in our time. He has become a symbol and a character used in several series and films, always considered as a hero. Today, almost the entire Norse population knows the story of the Great God of Thunder by heart. Thor's elation in acting, along with his glory and courage in battle, contributed greatly to the success of Norse Viking mythology. In any case, the god of thunder Thor remains a hero and a role model, but also the most beloved god.

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