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  • Fafnir : the dragon of Norse mythology

    July 17, 2020 4 min read

    Fafnir : the dragon of Norse mythology

    Fafnir is a legendary dragon in Norse mythology , he was the son of Hreidmar. He was also the brother of Regin, the dwarven blacksmith, and Ottar. After the gods accidentally kill Ottar, they offer compensation to Hreidmar. This compensation was the gold of the dwarf Andvari. Andvari, enraged at having been forced to give up his wealth, cast a curse on it.

    Covetous, Fafnir and Regin killed their father. But Fafnir took all the gold for himself and turned into a dragon to better protect him.

    Legends say that the Nibelungen were elven smiths, experts in forging metal to make swords, shields and other invincible weapons. In the darkness the caves leading to the land of the Nibelungs were hidden great treasures. Although many wanted them, no one could access the treasure because it was guarded by the terrible dragon Fafnir. Many warrior heroes tried to take the Nibelungen treasure, but they were all defeated by the monster.


    Mimir's Revenge

    The mouth of the cave opened in the middle of a cold forest. This is where the goblin Mimir lived. He had once been a Nibelungen, but now he was isolated, alone in the woods... He wanted to take charge of the treasure and had been expelled from the underground realm.

    Mimir spent his days thinking about how he could achieve what he wanted, but he was a coward and too weak to fight the dragon. Until one day, luck wanted him to meet a child.

    One summer morning, Mimir discovered near his cave a newborn baby. He seemed abandoned a short time ago, wrapped in a magnificent cape.

    At his side, a broken sword of imposing size. Mimir loved the sword and was struck by the child's build and strength. He thought both could be useful to him and decided to raise him.


    Siegfried and the dragon Fafnir

    When the boy was grown, Mimir decided to repair the sword the little boy had by his side when he found him in the woods. The huge sword was only worth the boy's extraordinary strength.

    Mimir taught the little boy everything he knew about swordsmanship and how a knight behaved. But above all he instilled in her the desire for adventure and love because of the trials and dangers. He hoped he could avenge him on the Nibelungs and help him get his hands on the treasure.

    The boy was called Siegfried and was the son of Sigismund, the great king of the Franks, from the family of the god Odiny of the beautiful Siglida, which means protection of victory. His father's kingdom was still to the north.

    With Siegfried's sword and courage, Mimir plotted his revenge. He convinced the young man to confront the fearsome Fafnir . So Siegfried went deep into the forest, where the dragon's cave was. He knew from Mimir's advice that an invincible dragon lay in his lair. He also knew how to attract her.

    At the entrance to the cave, he began to play a sweet melody with his silver horn. The music awoke the dragon and took him out of his cave. Siegfried waited for the dragon hidden between the trees, and before he could see or feel it, his mighty sword stabbed through Fafnir 's heart.


    Dying, Fafnir confessed to Siegfried that he had once been a mighty giant. A curse had been placed on him, turning him into a dragon condemned to die by the hand of the young man. The dragon also predicted that he would fall in love with a woman who will be his undoing.

    When Siegfried pulled the sword from the dragon's body, a stream of boiling blood fell on his hand and burned him. To ease the pain of the burn, the young man put his hand over his mouth and touched his lips with the dragon's blood.

    At that very moment, Siegfried realized that he had the power to understand birdsong. These revealed to him where the precious treasures of the Nibelungs were hidden and how he could enter the caves to find them.

    Through the birds, Siegfried discovers that if he bathed in the blood of the dragon, he would become immortal. So, Before entering the cave, the hero bathed in the blood of Fafnir . However, a small linden leaf stuck to his back left a stain that the dragon's blood could not protect...


    The treasure of the Nibelungs

    Siegfried knew, thanks to the birds, how to get to the treasure. He also knew what were the most valuable items hiding in the caves. He only took the invisibility helmet and a magic ring. The ring bearer would gain invincible power against the world. What Siegfried did not know was that the ring possessed a curse that would bring misfortune to whoever possessed it.

    Leaving the cave, Siegfried heard the birds again. This time they told him about Brunhilde, a warrior princess, the most beautiful daughter of the King of Burgundy, and he let himself be taken by these words, imagining the young woman and rejoicing to meet her.

    This adventure did not quench his thirst for success. To meet Brunhilde, he traveled through many lands and fought countless warriors. He regained his throne and succeeded in becoming an even more famous king than his father.

    But, as Fafnir had predicted, the love of this woman would also cause him the greatest misfortunes...

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