Presentation and explanation of Viking names

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Presentation and explanation of Viking names

Since Norse mythology is specially woven around gods and men, Viking first names generally reflect human and divine qualities and values .

So, even though they come from a culture that goes back centuries, Scandinavian first names continue to be popular being attested in Normandy, Norway and even France . We even meet famous personalities named Bjorn, Thor, etc.

And since the meaning of Nordic names can transform your little ones into little warriors, here are some names of Scandinavian origin for men and women that might interest you and their explanation.

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Male Viking names

  • ALVIN: a friend of noble descent
  • ARNBJÖRN: possessing the qualities of the bear and the eagle
  • ARNE: like the eagle
  • ARNKETIL: cauldron of the eagle
  • ARNULF: the wolf-eagle
  • ARVID / ARWED: an eagle in the storm
  • ASBJÖRN: the bear, warrior of the gods
  • ASGEIR: the divine spear, of the Aesir
  • ASKETILL / ESKIL: cauldron of the gods
  • ASLAK: game of the gods
  • ASULF: wolf-warrior of the gods
  • BERTIL: brilliant
  • BJARNULF / BJÖRNULF: wolf-bear warrior
  • BJÖRN / BJARNI / BIARNI: similar and as strong as a bear
  • BRAND: sword blade
  • BRYNJOLF: wolf, armored warrior


  • EINAR: bold, audacious
  • EIVIND: always victorious
  • ERIK / EIRIK: almighty
  • ERLING: of noble descent


  • FOLKER: warrior, popular man
  • FREDERIK: powerful protector (its diminutive RIKKE or FREERIK)
  • FRITHJOF: lord protector
  • FRODE: smart, savvy



  • GERMUND: under the protection of the spear
  • GRIM: who is helmeted, masked
  • GUDBJÖRN: the bear of divinity
  • GUDMUND: under the protection of the gods
  • GUNNAR: warrior, fighting lord
  • GUNNOLF / GUNNULF: fighting wolf
  • GUSTAF: support of the divinity


  • HAGEN: protection
  • HAKON: protective top
  • HALDOR: The Stone of Thor
  • HALFDAN: half-name of many legendary kings
  • HALFRED: protection
  • HALVARD / HALVOR: Protector or Freeman
  • HARALD: who commands the army
  • HASTEIN: the eminent stone
  • HAVARD: high guardian, protector
  • HELGE / HELGI: sacred, consecrated to the gods
  • HENNING: free founder
  • HENRIK: powerful protection
  • HERLUF: son of heroes
  • HERMOD: brave in the army
  • HERULF: army wolf-warrior
  • HILDING: fighter
  • HILMAR: famous in battle
  • HJALMAR: helmet wearer
  • HOLGER: powerful with the spear
  • HOLMGEIR: javelin of the islet of duel


  • INGEMANN: the man of the god Ing
  • INGMAR famous by the god Ing
  • INGOLF: warrior wolf of the god Ing
  • Mighty INGVALD by the god Ing
  • KARL: the free man
  • KETIL: cauldron of the Aesir, of the gods
  • KJELD: more modern of Ketil


  • ODOMAR: famous by heritage; descending


  • RALF: advisor wolf-warrior
  • RAGNAR: adviser in the army
  • RANULF / RAGNULF: advisor warrior wolf
  • ROALD: powerful by fame
  • ROLF (contraction of the name Hrodulf in Hrolf or Rolf): renowned warrior wolf
  • RUNOLF: the rune of the wolf or confidant wolf (its diminutive is RUNI)
  • RURIK: powerful and glorious name of a Viking leader


  • SIGER: winner
  • SIGFRED: protection through victory
  • SIGMUND: a protector through victory
  • SIGURD: a goalkeeper through victory
  • SIGVALD: powerful through victory
  • SIGVARD: a goalkeeper through victory
  • SKEGGI: ​​bearded, flamboyant, virile
  • STIG: traveler
  • STIGAND: traveler, walker
  • SVARTING: swarthy
  • SVEND: young man
  • SVERRE: proud


  • THORBJÖRN: Thor's bear, warrior name
  • THORFRID: under the protection of Thor or who brings peace with the help of Thor
  • THORGEIR: Thor's spear
  • THORGIS: dedicated to Thor, gifted by Thor
  • THORKETIL / THORKEL: cauldron of the god Thor
  • THORKIL: Thor's helmet
  • THORLAK: Thor game
  • THORLEIF: descendant of Thor
  • THORMOD: courage of Thor
  • THOROLF: wolf of Thor, warrior
  • THORSTEIN: the stone of Thor name from the time of the Vikings
  • THORVALD: the power of Thor
  • ULF: wolf


  • VALTER: who commands in the army
  • VELAND: the land of the sacred enclosure
  • VEMUND / VIMUND: the protection of the enclosure, of the sacred territory
  • VILFRID: who brings peace, victory by will


  • WILHJELM: helm of will, helmet-wearing warrior


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female viking names

  • ALRUN: noble and wise
  • ARNHILD: the warrior with the qualities and acuity of the eagle
  • ASTRID: the divine rider


  • BODIL / BOTILDE: the fighter
  • BORGHILD: the protective warrior
  • BORGLINDE: the one that protects and soothes
  • BRYNHILD: the armored warrior


  • DAGMAR (also masculine): bright as day


  • ELBORG: the noble protector
  • ELDRID: she who rides the fire
  • ERIKA: feminine form of Erik


  • FRIDEBORG: the protector


  • GUDRUN: secret of the gods or keeping the secret
  • GUNHILD: the warrior
  • GUNVOR: the battle-savvy


  • HELGA: consecrated to the gods
  • HILDA the warrior
  • HILDEBORG: the protective warrior
  • HOLDA: gracious, indulgent, supportive


  • IDA: young and powerful
  • INGE / INGA: the young or the one who is dedicated to the god Ing
  • INGEBORG: under the protection of the god Ing
  • INGRID: the young rider or the rider of the god Ing name of Valkyrie


  • RAGNHILD: warrior of the gods
  • RANDI: shield
  • RIGBORG: powerful protector


  • SIGHILD: the victorious warrior
  • SIGNE / SIGNI: the victorious
  • SIGRID female form of Sigfrid: protection through victory
  • SOLVEIG / SOLVEJ: the strength of the house
  • SVANHILDE: the swan warrior
  • SVENBORG: the young protector
  • SVENHILD: the young warrior
  • SVENJA: feminine form of the name Sven
  • SUNNIVA: gift of the Sun


  • THORGARD: under the protection of Thor


  • VILHELMINE: helm of will, the helmet-wearing warrior (its diminutive is VILMA)


Several famous personalities are so named in the world of sport, politics, business, etc. You can therefore give these first names to your children or even to your pets.

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